April 17, 2017


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bless-ed people

A ai folks,
Yáll this week was topo zika de balada. So we been doing work here. We
started to knock on doors to increase our pool of investigators. We´ve been
finding blessings. So here´s what happened. Our branch is good as heck you
guys already know that. However no one has cars. So what happened is that
we used all th cars to pick up less actives and investigators. And it
worked put but everyone was baptized and still needs a car ride. So now
when we find new investigators that need a car we got nothing. Our branch
needs more cars. So we decided to work according to the needs of our
branch. Which means we started to work with the rich neighborhoods. Yo and
these neighborhoods are way nice (i am saying this as an American citizen).
And we have been seeing blessings. Because everyone is rich like no one
will accept our message but those who do accept are elected. We´ve been
having a lot of success.
So we were working in one of the rich neighborhoods when this thug
dude calls us over to his house. I was like "Whats up dude we´re
missionaries" and then he said "yeah I aready know i served a mission too."
That threw me way off but it turns out this dude was the first baptism of
Camaquã 17 YEARS AGO. He did splits with the missionaries when he was 13
years old until he was 15 years old then he left the church. So he invites
us into his house (which was way nice) then kinda tells us how is life has
become more focused on wealth and Money than God. He also said that he hid
from the missionaries his whole life but that day (easter) he said
something touched his heart and he wanted to change. We also taught his
Family which is a Family really cool. They also use to go to church but
never were baptized. We about to do some work here.
Okay so Easter (pascoa in Portuguese) I think was more favorite
Holiday yet here in Brazilian. They weather cooled off a lot. Everyone is
wearing winter clothes already. So one thing that Brazilian does is
everyone eats fish on Easter. This is 100 percent a Catholic thing but it
is more of a tradition in Brazil. So we got invited to a fish out and I´ve
never eaten more fish in my life. We also got the watch a lot of movies
about Easter there which was cool.
This week instead of teaching the Restoration, when we knoecked on
doors we decided to represent an Easter message. We just talked five
minutes about the atonement and leave a prayer on the house. We got a ton
of new investigators and addresses by doing that.
I think I will end my saying I am so grateful for the Atonement.
Everything I have is due to my Savior and his mercy to forgive us.
I hope you guys had a great easter! Até mais.
P.s We didnt have to pick anyone up for church, all our richer
investigators came in their own cars:) (pray for Patricia also folks)
1. Alfonso and investigator Paulo
2. this dude sang his heart of for us
3. Jaqui!!!


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