April 17, 2017


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Re: Easter. From mom.

Havent got a package yet but ill think ill pick it up tomorrow at a zone
confernce. I´m glad everyone had a good easter. We showed lot of people
that same mórmon message thats "because of him" "graças a Ele" which Always
makes me feel the spirit. Love you so much.

Why is everyone getting married

On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 2:26 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi son,
I hope you had a beautiful Easter Sunday and enjoyed reflecting on the
blessings of knowing that our Savior lives.
Our sacrament meeting was so spiritual. Some musical numbers and great
talks. It was so good.
I sent you some pictures of us after church. Our color this year was
raspberry pink. Dad and Dayson had matching ties with pink flowers in it. I
always enjoy doing this- shopping and finding matching clothes. Ha! Kind of
silly and trivial but I like it. The kids had Easter baskets with goodies
in them this morning. And dad and I hid eggs inside the house for them to
find, with more candy in them. We watched a few Mormon messages. I love the
one called "because of Him". But I like them all.
So last week, Gma and Pa came over on Monday to see Tess in her play- the
Jungle book and then to watch Dayson in baseball. It was great to have
them. They stayed till Tues. I was really sad when they left. I usually do
fine but this time I was more sad to see them leave.
Not much other news. I helped Makessa pack one day this week. They bought
a house over on Combs, kind of by our rental house. She feels overwhelmed
with having a baby and trying to pack and Jason working long hours. So I
went and helped her one day.
Oh, I purchased garments for you. I will mail them on Tues. You sure you
can't ask members in your branch where they get their bibles? It'll be
expensive to ship. But if you feel like you can't get it there in Camaqua,
then I'll purchase one from Amazon and ship it to you. (If dad lets me.)
Sage went to some dance by RED at Schnef farms on Friday. It was a foam
dance, where bubbles come down from the ceiling or something. She said it
was so fun! She and Tori still aren't hanging out much. They are fine
around each other at mutual or church but they don't hang out like they use
to. I hope they can again some day.
Can't wait to hear about your week. Did my package come to you? Or the
Easter card? Been praying for your investigators. Keep being an instrument
in the Lord's hands. Have an amazing week.
Love you so much.
- Mom


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