April 24, 2017


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last day in Camaqua and Patricia´s baptism

Welp this week was kinda a shock
Alright lets start of by the good stuff. So Patricia was baptized which
was awesome. I had the oppurtuniy to baptize her and Elder Caetano
confirmed her. The baptism was Saturday night and after we all ate at
Come-come. Patricia has such a huge testimony and after the baptism her
parents said that one day they would join her:) Also Elder Allen and
Ellingford baptized. Man I love those kids and I´m graeful for the example
Elder Allen was for me. He taught me a lot.
Okay now the sad as heck crap. So the transfer ends in one week.
Saturday night after the baptism we get a phone call from the assistents.
The new missionaries will arrive one week early to our mission from the MTC
so the transfer would end one week early. I was called to serve on the top
part of the mission to train a new missionary again. So I had to give a
talk on Sunday and decided that I would tell everyone in the talk heehee.
Yo that whole building was crying. I beared my testimony on my love for
Camaquã. Afterwards I went and visited all the people I wanted to say
goodbye too. I went and visited Alfono´s family and Alfonso was crying his
eyes out because he thought missionaries would stay in one place for 2
years. Like he didn´t know they switched cities. Then I went to Patricia´s
house and Verseli´s house. Man I´m not going to lie i balled my eyes out.
Even Paulo cried that man has a heart of stone. Then there was a plot twist
because Elder Caetano started crying. Man I´m so grateful for the
oppurtunity to train Elder Caetno. That was one of the hardest things I´ve
done in my life was training that kid but I´m glad we ended up being such
good friends. I think I was more sad to leave Camaquã then leaving my
house. I´m so grateful for the mission. We make some of the best and most
real friendships out here. I´m also glad that Caetano will stay there to
take car of the area. The Bishop´s wife called me this morning crying her
eyes out too. Yáll I think i´ve cried more on Sunday than in my whole life.
I love Camaquã so much and I hope that one day I can return here *coff coff
mom and dad*
OKAY so time to get down to business. So I as I´ve said before our
mission is divided in two parts: the lower and the upper. I´m find out that
I´ll be opening an area in a huge ward called Montanha. This area sounds
like the opposite from Camaqua. It´s a big ward with lots of city and is
located in a city called Viamão. I´ll be training a new misisonary so my
companion is in the MTC right now. Also I found out why they shut this
area. Apparently they had two really bad missionaries there that were lying
about baptisms and sending fake baptismal papers to the president but in
reality were´nt doing anything. So I´m going to have to do a lot of work
here. Let´s mob.

Man I love the mission so much.

Alright the church is true and the book is blue
Elder Morrow

(I´ll send the rest of the photos next week bc this computer sucks)
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