May 2, 2017


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Naked and Afraid

Alright this been the craziest week of my life.

So I got my new companion Elder Araujo another brazilian. So we
arrive in Viamão and this city is freaking huge. The complete opposite of
my little city in Camaquã. It´s just us two in a house there isn´t another
pair of missionaries here. So we get there and the house is a horrible
mess. So we clean the house up and it turns out WE DONT HAVE WATER. So we
go to a members house that was close and take a shower. Okay so I was
straight up stressing out. I go to call the secrataries when OUR PHONE IS
BROKEN. Alright next plan is look in the area book. THE HOUSE DONT GOT AN
AREA BOOK. Okay so now we are alone in this city without water, without a
phone, and with no direction what to do. So I said a prayer asking God for
guidiance. ALSO it´s freezing cold all of a sudden.
The next day, after taking a shower in the members house, we find
out we have lunch at Maria´s house (a member). So we find a map and after
about one hour of being lost we arrive at Maria´s house to eat. Maria´s
family is a family of 5 people: mom dad and three daughters. A family
really cool actually. After eating the dad says "The missionaries never
return here because our house is so far away from where the work so we
probaly won´t see you guys again." BOOM. That was the answer to our prayer.
At that moment we knew we had to work on their street and reactivate this
family. The first door we knocked on was an elected family of four people:
Carol, Josua, Marciel, and Camila. All of them were at church on Sunday
including Maria´s famly. After church we had a family home eveing at
Maria´s house with Carol´s family.
I´m so grateful for the mercy God has for having put us in the path
of this family and in the path of many other families on that street. This
ward is way awesome. Everyone is supportive and the church attendance is
150. They have one of the coolest church building I´ve seen and some of the
nicest members. Presidente Cruz was at church on Sunday and told us that we
will do excelent work here. Also OUR WATER GOT FIXED KIND OF. So life is
good as heck and i`ll send more photos next week of our new giant area.

The church is true and the duff is blue

Also i love Elder Araujo

Elder Morrow
Photos from Patricia´s baptism last week!​​

de vírus.


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