May 2, 2017


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Re: 2 weeks till Skype-ing!

Love you so much mom. So crazy about summer i feel like i have some guilt
with that lol. Oh and imma look for a bible but if i dont find one in the
next month ill let you know. This area is really good we will try to have
some real success

de vírus.

On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 2:01 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi Treston,
I'm looking forward to skype-ing with you on Mothers Day. May 14th. Two
weeks! Let me know what time. We go to church 10:00- 1:00 which is
2:00-5:00 your time.
I've been praying for you to gain the trust of your new Ward and new
Bishop and that you'd adjust to your new area and new companion. I hope you
will immerse yourself in it, like you did Camaqua. I've been praying for
the branch in Camaqua also. Such good people. I can't wait to hear about
your week.
Sad news about Summer Pascal. I had lunch with Valerie (Hyde). During our
"catching up" she told me that in October when Summer turned 18, she and
her boyfriend left during the night (packed up the bedroom they were
staying in- yes, her parents had taken in her boyfriend and loved him like
family) and her parents haven't heard from her since. She gone. Summer's
mom had no clue she was leaving. They woke up and the room was empty except
for a wall plaque that had a saying on it about families : ( Poor mom. So
sad. My heart aches for her. Sometimes your once-a-week email isn't enough
for me, but after hearing that story- how thankful I am for a weekly email
from you. (Besides the fact I know that you are serving faithfully on a
mission.) I don't know what Summer is thinking. But enough about that.
Bro Moon (Bre's Dad) taught our combined RS /Priesthood lesson at church
today. I suggested to Bishop the topic of strengthening our testimonies and
following the prophets and when doubts or questions come up, how to hold
fast to what we know is true. And Bishop liked that topic and we asked bro
moon to teach. He is a GREAT teacher! I really enjoyed the lesson. One
quick thing to share that he said-"Be more familiar with the gospel than
with Google."
Tess is now 13! We enjoyed celebrating her birthday. I sent you pictures.
Her restaurant choice was Cheesecake Factory. Tonya came too. (We haven't
been there since you left.) And it was delicious.
I mailed you garments 2 weeks ago but not a bible. Since you are in the
city can you find one?
Let me know what time to skype.
I miss you but I am glad you are serving faithfully. A mission is a unique
time in your life. Make the most of it. They'll be no other time quite like
it. Keep throwing your heart in to it.
I love you so much.
- mom


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