May 15, 2017


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dia das maes

Well we had a pretty good week this week some exciting things happened.
To start off I got to skpe my family which is always great. Also we´ve been
bringing quite a bit of people to church which is also great. We´ve been
doing a cleaning of the area book which is not so great:( but other than
that life is good.
So Wednesday me and Elder Araujo felt like something was wrong. We
both decided to fast and pray. We both recieved the answer that we should
work on the other side of our area. Our area is currently the biggest area
in the mission so that meant like an hour of walking to the other side. We
both didnt know why we were supposed to work on that side but we decided we
should. Since we don´t have any investigators there we picked up some old
addresses from the area book and started knocking on doors. Nothing
happened. We went address hunting all day but no one answered. We knew that
there were a family of recent converts on that side of the town so we
decided to visit them as our last visit. Its a family of 6 and when of the
kids is mentally handicapped. As we were singing church hymns the dad,
Mario, walked in and said that his mom is in the hospital and its not
looking good. He left to the hospital and the mom of the family started to
panic. The mom recieved a phone call saying that Mario´s mom was moved to a
bigger hospital because of her chronic state. The mom needed a car ride to
the hospital but didnt have money for a taxi. Luckily me and Elder Araujo
got ahold of a member of the church to take the family there. We also got
all the kids calmed down and took car of the mentally challenged kids as
the mom packed up the stuff. As the family was leaving the mom looked at us
and said, "why did you guys come here today you marked for saturday?" We
simply said we felt like we need too. She said in tears, "No matter what
happens tonight I know that this church is true and the gospel is amazing
biggest you guys were sent here tonight." Sadly, Mario´s mom died that
night, however that family was still at church on sunday, even though it
was mother´s day.
How grateful I am for being odedient enough to recieve that prompting
that day. Also for having a companion that is just as obedient and just as
willing to follow the Spirit.
God works in both mysterious and wonderful ways and His gospel is
indeed amazing.
Elder Morrow

1. montanha
2. P-day!
3. we have a real church building!!!

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