November 21, 2016


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i think week 14

Ba cara this week was the best
So we had an activity on Saturday with all the men in the Branch and it
was so fun. We went to this member´s house about 15 min from the town and
man its a Paradise there. We were actually allowed to play soccer and I
think we played for three hours. We had a Churrasco (a Brazilian barbeque)
and it was so good. But more importantly our investigator Liandro (who has
been preparing for baptism) came and loved it. I will send pictures of the
This week we went on tons of splits with members and it was awesome.
The members of this Branch are so Strong and dedicated. I really do feel
like I´m part of a Family. We went on splits with this one lady named Maria
and she literally does whatever she wants its awesome. Like she knows the
whole town so when we were walking she´ll be like "We need a drink" and the
closer house to us she will just happen to know and they´ll give us food
and stuff. Then at the end of the night she just happened to be friends
with the taxi driver so he gave us a free ride home. We also do splits with
this old lady named Terizinha and when we always return to her house and
have chocolate milk while we teach her non-member children.
Yesterday we had our first District conference. This is´nt like a
mission district but more of a Ward district. It was the branch of Camaquã,
São Lourenço do sul, e Canguçu. So our whole Ward got on a big bus and
drove to São Lourenço for this conference. There was a great turn out and
we had lots of unplanned investigators come and I was so happy. One of the
speakers at the conference said that he knows in six months from now, that
the three branches there will become wards because the missionaries will
grow these áreas. So that got me way excited. Also President Cruz gave a
talk about the power of the Book of Mormon and many of our investigators
after said it touched them.
This week we´ve been focusing a lot on the power of temples. It really
is amazing that God gives those that did´nt have a chance to hear the
Gospel in this life, hear it in the life to come. We are having a temple
trip December 10th so we are trying to get all our investigators baptized
before then so they will have a chance to do baptisms.
This week was awesome and being a missionary is the greatest and the
language is coming great.

btw the new missioary living with us is another Brazilian:) Elder Melo, as
of now I´m the only American in our zone but I´m like Family with these
guys so I ain´t even mad.

best regards, Elder Morrow


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