November 28, 2016


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week 14

Well this week definetly had its ups and downs. I´ll start with the
downs. Well we had this investigator named Cleia that was going to get
baptized this Saturday. When we arrived to her house early Saturday morning
to review things before the baptism. When we arrived she said that she
was´nt ready.... like huh. She passed the interview and everything but she
said baptism just isn´t for her. We bore our testimonies as hard as we ever
had before (if that´s possible) but sadly she didn´t accept it. Man the
font was getting feild in everything but i guess she needs her own time. It
was sad and pretty depressing because shortly after our other most
progressing investigator, Liandro said that he was´nt interested in even
having a baptismal date. He´s come to so many activities and church
meetings but he doesn´t think it´s for him. Neither came to church this
Sunday. We still had a handful of investigators come but they were our two
most progressing. Guess we need to do more finding.
Okay now the good stuff. We held an activity at the church Saturday
night where we (the four missionaries) performed a play called "Vida da
missionário". We had a good amount of investigators come and a lot of
members too. I played the new American missionary that thinks in Brasil
they speak Spanish instead of Português. Elder Amorim played the
companion that gets "dear johned" or "carta azul" which they called dear
johned in Brazil lol. It was pretty dang funny and we all had hot-dogs
I went on splits again with a member of the Ward named Michael. Once
again I taught lessons alone again but it´s been getting better. After
about four lessons, I decided we needed to start tracting so we started on
a street clapping at doors. After about five houses the unexpectable
happened. I say the door open in a house and a lady in the door way. I
asked if we could teach her Family and she left to get her husband. A
shadowed man came to the door and stepped in the light and said, "Robert
Smith os mórmons haha chegou". NO WAY. We had found the house of the Bible
Basher. He welcomed us in the house and started teahing us about Catholics.
Since I was with a member I was pretty much alone.
But I taught him about the Book of Mormon and how we don´t worship a Robert
Smith (still not sure who that is) or a Joseph Smith. He talked for about
30 min about who knows what but I bore my testimony about how this church
has changed my life and how we have a presonally relationship with our
Savior then left.
As far as numbers go, we are hitting our mission´s goal for lessons
everytime. I´m not sure why people cancel baptims last second but I know
there is something for me and my companion to learn. If we serve with
virtue and diligence it will all work out in the end. I love yáll.

Why are the cowboys winning football games

Elder Morrow


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