December 5, 2016


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Why the Brasileiros ama yu-gui-oh cards

Oi todo mundo,
Okay so first of all a plane crashed in Brazil with a whole soccer
team on it and the whole team died which is way sad and that´s definetly
been the talk of the week. But it has really given us the opurtunity to
teach a lot of people about the plan of salvation. Many people ask us why
God would let this happen. Luckily we know that there is more than just
this life.
Okay so our investigators are´nt progressing so I have been focusing
a lot on finding. I went on splits two times this week with Amorim and Melo
(other Elders in our house) and I just looked for people. We found seven
new investigators and two new families so I´m pumped about that. When I´m
with Elder R. Lopes lessons are always twicd as long so we don´t really
have time to find. He just likes to talk to them forever but he needs to
hurry more.
Okay so something kinda cool this week was Louis Fernando. He is a 24
year old guys that loves fishing and pretty much lives alone. I think the
reason I like him so much is because I found him on splits about a month
ago and like the next lesson he said he felt the spirit really strong when
he asked God if the things we taught were true. He is really poor and can´t
read but it honestly doesnt matter because God testifies His truth to all
that ask. Anyways he came to church this Sunday and wants to be baptized.
I´m way excited about this. Sure he has some problems with the smoking but
through the Atonement he´ll stop in no time.
So the Brazilians found Yu-Gui-Oh cards at a small store here and
they wont stop playing. It really is starting to tick me off. They don´t
play during our studies or planning but anytime between or after they play.
On p-days they all go shopping for more cards. Someone´s gunna die.
As far as that, life is good. I´m trying more hardest and I know it
will pay off.
Elder Morrow
I´ll send a picture of what they like to do on p-day


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