December 12, 2016


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Okay this week was good.
Okay first I want to talk about the splits we had with the zone
leaders. They came down this week, Elder Arouche and Elder J. Lopes. They
are hands down some of the best missionaries I´ve ever met in my life. We
went on splits with them and completed four baptismal interviews. So
hopefully we see some action this weekend.
This week was had a special conference to all of Brazil from
President Jeffrey R. Holland. It was transmitted to all the churches in
Brazil so on Sunday we got to watch it. Five minutes before it started
nothing was working and since im the only person that speaks english I had
to call Utah and get everything figured out. Luckily they emailed us the
right link finally and everything went smoothly. The discussion was about
the importance of the temples and how we have to apply what we learn into
the temple to our lives. Also, President Holland speaks Português! (kind of)
Okay so there is a family we teach that´s been an investigator for
like 4 months because they are very dedicated to their Catholic religion.
This week we got a phone call from a member that said that Macio´s mom
passed away the day before. Macio is the dad of the family. We went over
there the next day and everyone was pretty chocked up. Macio is a way tough
guy and never likes to show his feelings but even he was pretty quite. We
taught about the spirit world and the beauty of God´s plan of happiness.
Afterward we offered to give the family a blessing of comfort. During the
prayer, Macio broke down crying. My heart broke a little there. He told us
how much we met to him and how he knows that this trial will pass. We
testified that his mom is in a better place and the healing power of the
Atonement. I think that was the most spiritual moment I´ve felt yet on my
All of you probably already know this but the church has a 25 day
challenge called #Bethelightoftheworld for December so if you guys are´nt
doing that get on it. Also this month´s Liahona has a talk by Elder James
Hamula called "The Divine Power of Grace" and its really good so I
challenge you all to read it.
As far as here in Camaquã things are crazy. Intern, one of the
major soccer teams here, was moved down to another division because they
lost. Thier rival team, Grêmio, won the Cup of Brazil so all the Grêmio
fans started raiding the streets yelling and swearing at Intern fans and
throwing stuff everywhere. Meanwhile, all the Intern fans are in their
houses crying and I mean literally crying. People are way passionate about
sports here. Grêmio fans have been lighting off fireworks all night so its
a little hard to sleep sometimes.

But otherwise things are great here, its way hot right now but its good
love you all.

1. The favorite bands of brazil hmmm
2. Our park
3. the best dupla
4. the decorations are up in the house and Amorim is eating a sandwhich


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