December 12, 2016


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Re: It came!

Open the presents next family home evening i think it will be nice to have
something before the initial excitment of chirstmas. Did you find my little
letter that said "instruçãos"? has some details on there. Home you guys
liked all the cookies we survive off those things.

On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 2:08 PM, Morrow Mail wrote:

We got your package! We put the presents under the tree and took out the
cookies and ate them and read the letters. That was so thoughtful of you to
do this. Thank you for your handwritten letters. I love hearing from you. I
can't believe all you've been through already and all you've learned and
are learning. Some parts of the letter pulled at my heart. As a mom I want
to fix everything instantly and make it "all better". I know these
experiences are for your growth and for shaping you into the person God
wants you to become and helping you reach your potential. Thanks for taking
the time to write and share with us your experiences. Sage was so excited
when we told her we got a package from Brazil. She was jumping up and down
and running around. Haha! Like a little kid on Christmas morning.
Yes- Christmas- when can we talk to you?? We are 5 hours behind you. We
will be at church from 8-9:00am which is 1-2:00 pm your time. Let me know
when and how when can talk.
Last week dad had to travel to San Diego so I went with him. Yep, we left
Sage in charge from Wednesday afternoon till Friday night. We went to the
temple while there so I sent you a couple pictures. The kids did great. No
problems. It was a nice little trip for us.
That guy - Dallin- is already out of the picture. Not sure what happened.
It seemed like he only liked Sage for 2 weeks and was so crazy about her
and then it was a screeching halt and nothing. (??) Weird. They have 2
classes together so they still see each other but I don't know much. Sage
won't talk about it. Oh well. Did you know that Jake Lawson took her on a
date like a month ago? They went ice skating, doubled with Lane Tebbs and
ran into Randon Eaves at the rink. Yes- Randon- he is down here working. I
assume living with his grandparents. I don't know if it's a winter job in
sunny AZ or how long he'll be here or anything. And Sage didn't ask
details. That's teenagers for ya.
I have a lot of visits I need to do for Relief Society this week. It's
always busy and I never feel like I'm doing enough yet my days are full
with being a mom also.
Glad you figured how to get hot showers. Glad Lopez seemed to take good
care of you when you were sick-as best as a young man can. I liked all your
letters. I know who Elder Gates is. His mom is on that FB missionary page
often. She seems very nice. Thx for what you said about Virtue and
picturing us. Cachumba sounded awful. Why don't they have a vaccine for
that?? It's the same as Mumps here and kids get vaccinated for it. I know
you are working so hard and although you may not have baptisms that doesn't
mean that you aren't having successes. Successes are measured in various
ways. Most importantly, God knows your efforts and your desires. He knows
what's best for you and for your investigators and the right time for
everything. We have to trust in His timing too. I love you so much. You are
such a blessing to me. We mailed you a Christmas letter 8 days ago. Hope
you have a wonderful week. Eu te amo filho.
- Mom


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