December 19, 2016


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tis the season

Tudo bom peeps
Okay so this week we had our mission´s Christmas conference
(Conferencia de Natal). So Wednesday morning we got on a bus and headed to
Pelotas. We arrived there about noon and went on splits with the zone
leaders there. Then we practiced with our zone our skit we were going to do
for the conference the following day. Our skit was a musical and its pretty
dang funny not going to lie. At night we had to stay the night at houses of
other Elders that lived in Pelotas. Was´nt the greatest thing but it was´nt
horrible. The next day we arrived at the church buildig at 8 and started
the conference. The have two conferences, one for all the missionaries in
the northern region and all in the South. So there were about 76
missionaries there. It was actually one of the greatest days. President and
Sister Cruz gave some talks and then we had a huge Christmas dinner. After
dinner we all watched skits of all the zones. They were hilarious. After
that all the missionaries leaving in the next transfer gave their exit
testimonies. There were about 20 of them and all were really good.
The last thing that happened as President Cruz allowed some of the
parentes of missionaries send in vídeos of them wishing everyone a "Feliz
Natal". All of us watched the vídeo together and I think that everyone that
had a vídeo started crying haha. Afterward, one of the zone leaders and
another Elder came and stayed at our apartment in Camaquã.
As far as other things go, our washing machine and fridgerador were
broken but we fixed them so that´s exciting. Also on Sunday President Cruz
came to our branch of gave an amzing talk. He said that a new year is
coming up and if you have the mindset that 2017 will be the best year ever,
it will be, even through all the trials and hardships we have. Our branch
had an activity of natal so Elder R. Lopes and Melo went while Amorim and I
stayed in the city doing work. All in all it was a great week. The other
Elders we live with had a baptism so we helped them set that up and had
some investigators attend.
Besides that everything is going good, Feliz Natal caras.
Elder Morrow
Photos!!! (fotos of the christmas special will be coming next week)
1.our baptismal font lol
2. festa


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