December 26, 2016


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Okay this week was way fun. So for Christmas Eve I opened up my
package for all the Brazilians that had stuff for everyone. It had Pop
Rocks in it and Pop Rocks are´nt a candy in Brazil so it was hilarious
watching all the Brazilians reactions to eating those. Also they thought
you were suppose to eat Chapstick so when I saw all them eating the
Chapstick I started dying of laughter. The president of the mission let us
stay out until 10 o´clock at the house of a members on Christmas Eve. We
chose Sister Izatch who gave us some of the best deserts I´ve ever had in
my life.
We had decided a few days before that for Christmas we´d buy
biscoitois (a type of cookie thing here in Brazil) for everyone in the
ward. We all had Santa hats on and started handing out these cookie things
to eveyone in the ward. Everyone here was so happy about the cookies
(especially the kids). Then we had the oppurtinity to have our big
Christmas lunch. Me and Amorim went to a members house named Ana and the
other two Elders went to a different house. I´ve never eaten more food in
my life. They gave us so much good food and even made a whole turkey just
for me and my companion. I think the coolest thing about the Christmas
lunch was Ana´s testimony of the Book of Mormon after. Ana is a recent
convert and she told us how the Book of Mormon really changed her life in
every aspect. THe Book of Mormon really could´nt have been written by any
normal man unless it was through the power of God.
Afterwards I had the oppurtuniy to talk to my family on skype. We
only get 40 minutes in this mission but time flew by way fast. It felt like
40 seconds. I´m definetly grateful to have such a loving and supporting
family. Oh and also Elder R. Lopes was transfered so I recieved a new
comapnion named Elder Farias. He seems chill. Sorry I don´t have much time
today because of transfers but I´ll be staying in Camaquã.

Well Feliz Natal gente
Elder Morrow


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