January 2, 2017


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Yo yall this week was a good one for sure
Okay so my new companion and I are polar oppisites. Elder Farias is
like the most negative dude I´ve met in my life. But, we are straight
killing it together. So this week I had to lead the whole área. We visted
all our investigators that were ready for baptism but just did´nt have any
desire. After that initial day, Elder Farias said our investigators were´nt
progressing and we need to find new ones. I could´nt agree more. All our
investigators that I and Elder R. Lopes worked with, me and Farias planned
to just visit them once a week and all the other time we´d be just finding
new investigators. We worked our butts off, knock a butt load of doors,
walked all over town, and Elder Farias almost died. However at the end of
the week we found 18 new investigators and planned 7 baptisms. I´ve
definetly gained a new percpective on the importance of just finding
people. There are so many people out there that are so ready to hear the
gospel we just need to find them. We found some awesome families even with
all the craziness with New Year´s this weekend.
One Family in particular, the Family of Versali, we found through a
reference from another investigator of ours. We teach this 70 year old lady
named Candada, and she had told us that her daughter has depression and
needs are help. I decided we would find her. We knocked on a butt load of
doors but eventually found the place where she worked. We got her address
(which seemed to be at the end of the world and was at the end of the
world) and went to her house. When we got there, we met her husband
Paulo and her two daughters. She really is having major problems with
depression but we explained the plan of salvation to her and how it can
heal her. We commited all four of them to baptism. The next day we
returned, her daughter named Jessica told us we did a miracle. She said her
Dad Paulo had attended every type of religion in Camaquã and never commited
to baptism but was way excited to be baptized in our church. She also said
that he randomly stopped smoking and drinking. When we asked Paulo why he
stopped smoking and drinking he jus said, "I don´t know it just felt
right." All four of them were at church this week and loved it. Versali
said after church was the first time she felt happy in awhile. Their
youngest, Julia, is already working and her personal progress.
I know that when we work as hard as we can, our obediente, and worthy,
we can help many people come to Christ. I´ve learned more this week than I
think I have all my mission. I´m so thankful to have this oppurtinity to
serve this mission.
Okay now the bad part, one of the Elders we live with, Elder Melo,
Always sleeps until 7 or 7:30. So, I told him the night before, if he
sleeps in again I´m going to throw water on his face, He agreed and said
he´d Wake up. He slept in, so at seven I threw a cup of water to Wake him
up. He was pretty upset and said he was going to plan revenge. BUT THIS
DUDE GOT NO CHILL. The next morning, duing our excercises, I turn around to
find a butt load of coffee poder in my face. This dude, got a 1 kilo of
coffee powder from na investigator and chucked it in our room. This was´nt
the worst part, the worst part is that me and Elder Farias have two huge
fans in our room so when he chucked the powder, the fan blew it everywhere
and on all our stuff. We´ve deep cleaned everything like a million times
BUT THE SMELL OF COFFEE WONT GO AWAY. Coffee is literally the worst thing
in the world satan got no chill.
But besides that our week is going good I love the mission and helping
people Happy Ano Novo todo mundo!!
Elder Morrow
Just one Picture today of the new comp, i think he has about a year and a
couple months and his mission so its cool to have someone with lots of


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