January 9, 2017


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Life is good though

Hey everyone,
Okay so this week has been going pretty dang good not going to lie.
We worked a lot with the Versali´s Family. They are really progressing fast
and all of them were at church again this Sunday along with Candada, the
grandma of the Family. Saturday night we taught them the word of wisdom and
brought a Family with us that also had problems with the word of wisdom
before they were baptized. We had the Family bear their testimony on the
importance of keeping the word of wisdom and how its helped their lives. It
went really good and all four of them commited to living the word of
wisdom. Paulo and Versali even did a fast together on Sunday to bless them
with strength to live the word of wisdom. We returned there Sunday night
and everyone is doing good. Jessica is still mad at us a little because she
loved coffee but beside this everything is looking good for their baptisms!
Sunday this week also was really good. It was the first testimony
meeting of the year. We had nine investigators come to sacrement which has
been our best turn out yet. I bore my testimony on the importance of
church. There are always many excuses to do other things during Sunday but
sacrament is really the best place we can be. I felt the spirit really
Strong this past sacrement meeting.
Also one of our investigators named Maiyon is like the coolest dude
ever. He is a 17 year old dude who likes basketball (which is rare
here). He was at church sunday and he´s really been progressing good. His
Family is kind of a mess and he is the last of his Brothers and sisters
that isnt in prison so his mom and grandma really want us to help him get
his life on track. His grandma and mom are Catholic, but they dont care
what church Maiyon joins they just want him to join one. After Maiyon is
baptized his mom wants us to prepare him for a mission.
I´m teaching English classes every Saturday now! A lot of people here
are really interested in learning English so we started doing free classes
to find more people to teach. It´s also helping us reactivate some less
actives which also is way cool.
The weather here is like the worst thing ever. It´s like sun for two
seconds and then pouring rain. But beside the weather the work is moving
along here smoothly and I could´nt be happier.

Elder Morrow


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