January 16, 2017


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Yo this week was good i aint gunna lie.
Lots of miracles happened this week. First of all I´d like to talk
about the family of Verseli. Okay so they are doing awesome and progressing
really fast. THey´ve changed so much since we´ve met them. This week we
talked with them about baptism. Verseli wanted that Paulo (the dad of the
family) could be baptized a month before all of them to prove that he would
really change his life. Paulo was a drunk when we first met him and smoked
a lot. But he´s let that all go the last three weeks. However his family
still has some trust issues due to his decisions in the past and would like
it that he could be baptized first. As missionaries we know that its best
for families to be together in all circumstances including baptism. So we
invited Verseli to prayer about if she is ready for baptism also. The next
day we arrived there she was way excited. She said that the night before
she prayed asking God if this decision was right. That night she had a
dream that her and her dad (that already passed away) we seating in a place
that was green everywhere full of grass and sky. They were seating down
sippin Chumarrão (this weird drink everyone in the South drinks) when her
father told her that she needed to follow this path and that baptism was
the right decision for her. She had the same dream three times. She and her
family are way excited to be baptized together this next week.
Okay the other miracle, was the morning of church Gustava (our ward
missionary leader) passed by the house of Paulo to bring them to church and
found Verseli way sick in her bed. Me and Gustava returned to their house
during church to giver her a blessing while Elder Farias would stay at
church and help our other investigators. Me and Gustava arrived at the
house and Verseli could´nt even sit up in her bed. She was literally so
fricken sick with pain all over her body. I gave her a preisthood blessing.
Me and Gustava returned to church. After an hour in church, Gustava asked
me to call the family to see if they could make it to sacrament (here in
brazil sacrament meeting is last hour). I was thinking there was no way
they could make it ti scarment why am i even calling them. I called them
and Paulo answered the phone saying that Verseli was completely healed and
they would be ready in 10 minutes. All four of them made it t sacrement
meeting and after went to a house of a member to have lunch.
I´m so grateful for the experiences I´ve had on this mission so far
and the tender mercies that God has for His children.
I love you all have a great week!
Elder Morrow

1. Me and little Em
2. This little dude Bruno does visits with us and is a boss
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