January 23, 2017


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Well this week was eventful but rewarding.
The week before a baptism Satan will try his hardest to prevent people
from being baptized so this week was rough for the family of Verseli and
Paulo. Their daughters, Jessica and Julia, had lots of problems. When we
went their Monday, Julia had decided she would´nt be baptized. I was way
bummed and on the way back home I said a prayer and had a feeling
everything would be alright. We went there the next day and it was the same
thing: Julia did not want to. Julia is the 12 year old daughter and when we
first met them she was way excited abouut baptism and read scriptures
everyday so it was way sad to see how she´s changed. We returned there the
next day Thursday. We were on splits so Elder Amorim was with me. It was a
disaster. We arrived in the middle of a family fight and everyone was mad
at everybody and Julia randmoly ran away from home in the middle of the
lesson. I prayed for strength to know how I could help this family. They´ve
seen so many miracles these past few weeks they can´t fall apart now. I had
a feeling to write Julia a letter. I wrote Julia a letter and gave it to
Verseli to give to Julia the next day. We kinda left the house a disaster
ith everyone arguing still due to our 9:25pm missionary curfew. When we
arrived at our house Jessica (the 18 year old) called us and said she´d
given up on baptism too. She said this week has been the hardest of her
life and if this decision was right this week should be happy. I talked to
her on the phone for about 30 min and I didn´t know what I said but the
spirit was so strong. Friday we arrived there and everyone was way freaking
happy. Julia said, after reading my letter she asked her friend what she
should do. Her friend is named Sabrina and is at their house during almost
all the lessons. Sabrina´s parentes are divorced so she lives with her mom.
Sabrina said if she was in the position of Julia, she would´nt think twice
about being baptismed and living with her family forever. After this Julia
read the scriptures and said a prayer and recieved na answer that this
decison was right. Everyone was happy and ready to be members of our church.
I was honored that Paulo chose me to baptize him along with Julia.
Our Ward missionary baptized Verseli and their cousin Roumildo
(investigator of the other missionaries) and Elder Farias baptized Jessica.
Everyone was way happy and our little branch of Camaquã could´nt be happier
to start the year of with 5 new faithful members. After the baptism we all
ate pastels at "come-come" to celebrate. Also it was Elder Farias´s
birthday this week so we had a little party at Verseli´s house. Sabrina,
the friend that helped Julia, will be baptized in two weeks.
You can´t describe the happiness that comes from this gospel. I know
it´s a clichê missionary thing to say but man its true. This is real joy
that´s everlasting.
Have a good week!
Elder Morrow

1. Baptism! (julia would´nt take a Picture)
2. feliz
3. Elder Faria´s birthday
4. Come-come


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