January 30, 2017


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Foi bom

Hey Everyone,
This week wasnt anything too excited really but it was a good week.
Wedenesday we had to go to Pelotas to have a national conference that was
broadcasted to all the missions in the world so that was cool. We´ve been
getting pretty good at finding new investigators to teach and teaching the
first lesson with the spirit. I got to go on divisions with a return
missionionary in our branch. He returned this week from Argentina. He was a
way good missionary and he taught me a lot on our visits. I think the
biggest upside this week was probaly our investigator named Mayon. I´ve
talked about Mayon before I think and man he´s been progressing so good.
He´s a 7 year old that has a pretty messed up family. His dad and brother
our in prison so he lives with his grandma and mom. This pass week we
showed up to his house and this dude was dressed up in a white shirt, tie,
slacks, shoes, and a belt. He said "I got to look good for church right?".
Mayon actually went and bought a bunch of church clothes with all his buds.
He´s pretty excited about his baptism and he wants to go on a mission in a
Verseli and Paulo our doing awesome. Paulo recieved the preisthood
yesterday and their family has strong testimonies. They had a big trial
recently though. The saturday of Paulo´s baptism he left work a little
early so he could get to the baptism in time. When he returned to work
Monday his boss fired him saying, "never put religion before your job." He
had a pretty good job especially for a family that´s pretty pool. Luckily
their faith is strong and they believe that this is a test that God is
giving them to see if they will stay on the right path. The faith these
people have is so strong and I know that Paulo will recieve a new job
that´s way better than the old one he had.
Other than this life is good. We have a transfer coming up next week
so we will see what happens there.

Have a good week!
Elder Morrow

1.We got to ball up with Mayon
2. Horrible pic of us four
4. From last week but heres a good pic that Julia sent me


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