February 6, 2017


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this aint gunna be easy

Hey everybody,
This week was awesome and really crazy. I will start off by talking
about Maryon. Maryon was baptized this last Saturday and he is awesome.
Sunday he bore his testimony on how he is excited to serve a mission and he
will put all his focus on serving the Lord. It´s crazy because when we
first met Maryon he was a druggy who was addicted to probably everything
you can think of. He went to clubs every weekend and dropped out school.
But now he´s a totally different person (and returned to school). He will
help me in my area a lot and he is always looking for new people we can
We had a huge family home evening at Verseli´s house with like half of
our investigators and brought 8 of them to church. I made everyone Peanut
Butter and Jelly sandwhiches and everyone loved them! (Thanks mom for
sending the peanut butter) sometimes I miss American food haha.
I think the most crazy thing that happened this week was transfers.
Elder Amorim and Elder Farias were called to other places. Me and Amorim
arrived at the same day here in Camaqua and he´s like my brother I´ll miss
him. I was confused that Elder Farias was transfered because he was just
here for one transfer and that means that I´ll will stay here for 6 months
of my mission in the same branch.
But then President called me and said I was called to be a trainer! I
really don´t feel ready to train a new missionary and I´m still not sure
who my companion is because he is still in the MTC. However, I´m way
excited and ready to put this greenie to work. Camaqua has grown so much
since I´ve been here. When I arrived there was only 35 people but this last
Sunday we had 58. Just twenty more and we´ll be a ward! I´m so blessed to
be able to stay here another transfer. I know that if we have faith we can
do anything.
Have a great week!!!!!
Elder Morrow
1. Maryon
2. Floral ties with Maryon
3. Family home evening
4. View from Verseli and Paulo´s house


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