February 13, 2017


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Foi bom

Hey everybody,
Well this week was different but pretty dang good. So all the trainers
get to stay one night in a hotel with the new Elders that arrived. The
hotel is way fancy so that was fun. Also because my area is far away from
the mission headquarters I stayed in Porto Alegre another night with other
Elders that work in the city. It was cool to see how different other areas
are. Also my trainer Elder R. Lopes will be training again so I got to stay
with him for two days which was cool. ANYWAYS I got my new companion that I
will train, Elder Caetano. He looks straight American but he´s 100 percent
Brazil. He´s from Brasília (the capital). He definetly has a lot of
personality but also he loves to work hard and he´s really obedient.
This week we starting working on Thursday because we had to stay in
Porto Alegre from Monday- Wedenday doing training. But we worked our butts
of this week. We found a lot of new investigators tracting and recieving
refrences from members. Verseli´s family has been a huge help giving us a
ton of people to visit. Also Maryon recieved the preisthood this week which
is way cool and we even got him signed up for EFY Brazil! He is way
excited. We also have been teaching Maryon`s grandma and she accepted a
batisimal date so we will see how that goes.
The other missionary that arrived that will be the companion of
Elder Melo is Elder Mardones Elder Mardones is so freakin dead. He has one
year and 7 months on his mission and he does´nt want to do anything. Also
he is our district leader. So I hope we can help him. But everything is
going good here otherwise. I could´nt be happier to stay in Camaquã another
Have a good week!!
Elder Morrow
2.Me, New American, My old companion R. Lopes, and my new copmanion Elder
3. New neighborhood we found
4. Mud steps
5. View from the other missionaries house in POA


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