August 23, 2016


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Re: from mom

Hello i have made it to Brasil. Im in a trio which means i have two
companions. They were actually some of the coolest americans here so far so
i was blessed. The plane ride here was long and i shared the gospel to the
man i was sitting by. He said i gave hope to the next generation lol. Dont
be duffs. I will be back on the computer next Wednesday not tomorrow but
the day after.They dont have apostrophes on this keyboard so i dont want
any of the white girls roasting me on grammar. Portuguese is weird as heck
and the Brazilians love the american boys at the CTM. I can only be on here
for like 10 min but next time should be longer. They saw people gain 15-30
pounds in the CTM so tell Dayson im sorry. All the kids that got called
here from Arizona all have over a 4.0 gpa and ran in both track and field
and cross country for state. The flight went by fast and i listened to
conference talks. I read everyone´s letters on the plane so that is sad. i
have also discovered there is an apostrophe sign on this weird keyboard
lol. Okay mom start the group chainmail. This email is just for my family
at home so dont forward this one to everybody. Maybe to Piper. Love you

On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 5:19 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hello son, send emails to this address. This will be a short email. It's
Sunday night and we just finished helping you pack. You fly out in the
morning. It was a special and memorable weekend. You are one of my greatest
blessings. Love you so much.
- Mom


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