August 31, 2016


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CTM (mtc)

(mom im counting on you to forward this to everyone)
Hey guys the CTM is really strict with emailing and they only let you on
for 45 minutes and they time you once a week so this is my only response.
If im not emailing any of you guys its because i cant respond until im in
the feild. They won´t allow us to send pictures either. Also everything
autocorrects to português words so if my grammer is bad don´t roast me.
Alright so the first day i got here i showed up with about 30 people from
the states. We all got split into districts of about ten people. We got
assigned a class room and just sat there. We didnt know what to do. So me
and my district found the mission president and asked him if there was
anything to do to learn Português because all the elders around here are
acting like we are fresh meat and only speaking to us in Português. He
laughed because he said they´ve been trying for months to get the Americans
here on tuesday because they complain too much about how hard Wednesday was
and we are the first shipment of americans that come on tuesday and we are
bored. He said just enjoy today because a lot of Elders dont make it
through the first week. He wasn´t lying. We walk into our classroom the
next day (there is nine of us in our district classroom because im paired
up with a trio meaning i have two companions) and they give us 32 pounds of
books, a português schedule, and left us in there for 7 hours. We had no
idea what to do. We all just kind of read our scriptures for ever until our
first intructor came in and taught us our first Português lesson. It´s kind
of frustrating because it is a rule that no one here is allowed to speak
english. Every teacher, leader, and instructor is required to just speak
Português. So we have three hours a day where our teachers dont speak a
word of english to us, infact most of them dont even speak english. If it
wasnt for hand actions and the gift of tongues we wouldnt learn anything.
The MTC is very self disciplined. They give you a list of things to study
and prepare through out the day and we are expected to do it. We are in a
classroom for about 8 hours a day with just our district working on stuff
personally. We have another 3 hours with an intructor, time for dinner, and
one hour for physically activity. Physical activity is the best we get to
play basketball for an hour. You think we´d be playing soccer because we
are in Brasil but missionaries playing soccer is banned in every mission
because too many missionaries broke their legs. The MTC is hard and tons of
work but its good for us. Okay that´s the bad stuff time for some good
news. Me and my district our like family. It´s Seven guys and two girls. We
all love eachother and i think we had the most fun out of any other
district. There are about 300 people at the CTM, only four different groups
of people: you have about 30% Americans, 20% spanish speakers from all
kinds of countries, 40% Brazilians, and 10% south africans. I love each of
these groups. Me and my two companions room with two brazilians and they
are some of the funniest people ever. They are also very obedient and
shower like 4 times a day. The food here is awesome it´s all Brazilian food
and we´ve tried some weird stuff. 5 people in my district are going to the
exact same mission as me which is awesome because we are all like brothers
already. They don´t care about hair cuts here so lots of people have
decently long hair and hair cuts are optional. On sundays they give a
devotinal and give us a two hour nap which is life saving. Every district
in the CTM gets sick within the first two weeks and the sickness just hit
ours and it sucks. We wake up feeling like crap every morning.I got tons of
people here to start saying duff and they all say i have an "Arizona
accent." We arent supposed to leave the CTM at all except for Wednesdays
(p-days). When we go to the temple and can walk around the mtc after. This
place is 7 stories tall and everything is inside. We barely see the sun so
Wednesday´s are like going to Disneyland. They are very strict with taking
pictures we can only take them on wednedays. ANYWAYS i love it here even
though we work every single second and the language is coming really fast
and everyone is from utah but we get to teach TRC (fake investigators) in
português every night and we can totally feel the spirit. We are starting
to figure out what to do in class and my district is made up with hard
workers so we get stuff done. Sorry for the long email but miss you all and
love you Tchau.


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