September 8, 2016


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week 2

Hey everybody! We had a very specail conference yesterday because
Neil L. Anderson came to speak. Him and sister Anderson gave awesome talks.
He talked specifically about the people of Brasil. He said that a lot of
missionaries rush the investigators to get baptized when they are not
ready. He specifically said the most important aspect to teach them is
repentance. He says if they don´t have an experience with repentance before
we commit them to baptize they will leave the church. Sister Anderson
discussed the power of the Holy Ghost. She said that the no song, no movie,
and no action is worthing giving up the gift to have a member of the
godhead with you at all times. Oh and by the way Neil Anderson talked in
Português but likely we had headphones and live translators.
Me and Elder Hernadez are official companions now! Before Tuesday
me, Hernadez, and Elder Thiriot were in a trio and not going to lie we
were´nt getting along the best. Let´s just say there is a reason that the
church sends people out "two by two". A kid named Elder Evans from Mesa,
Arizona was at the provo mtc and just recieved his visa so now he is
companions with Elder Thiriot. Me and Hernadez do really good together and
we are awesome friends so we are pumped.
Last Sunday was fast sunday and in Brasil lunch is the big meal so we
started are fast right after lunch on Saturday and then break it right
before lunch Sunday. We had a district testimony meeting in português and
it was awesome. We all became a lot closer and the Spirit was strong. So
most of our time in class we prepare to teach fake investigators which are
instructors that pretend to be real people that they baptized on their
missions. Me and Hernadez have had some really spiritual experiences and
the language becomes clearer as we teach. We also do splits which means for
two hours we do the same thing but with a Brazilian companion that doesn´t
speak a lick of English. I got assigned with Elder Jensen (a guy in my
district who i love to death) and then our Brazilian was Elder Fêlix. We
had so much fun and Elder Fêlix is one of our best friends now. So Elder
Jensen is from Brigham city Utah and is straight redneck. We are slowly
making each other´s redneck accents stronger and it´s not good.
Anyway´s aside from that everything has been good. The Sau Paulo
temple is beautiful and the city is very cool to explore. There are only
two launrdy machines on our floor so we have to fight other districts all
the time for laundry. Many people have lost tons of clothes due to these
battles for the washer. On Saturday we get to proselyte in the middle of
Sau Paulo so i´m pumped talk to you guys next week!

Elder Morrow


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