September 14, 2016


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week 3

Hey everybody!
It was an exciting week this week because on Saturday we got to go
proselyting. They took about 50 missionaries to the heart of Sau Paulo and
gave us three Book of Mormons each (six per companionship). I don´t think
of been any where so busy with so many buildings aside from my trip to New
York City when I was like 10 haha. It was kind of scary at first because we
barely know the language but the first person i talked to accepted one. We
had an hour to get all the books out and i´m thankful to see me and Elder
Hernadez passed out all of them. We handed them to all kinds of people,
from very rich businessmen, to people smoking on the side of the street. In
two weeks we go again and our goal is to try to get some referrals while we
are out there (a group of sister missionaries got 11 referrals they are
This week at the Provo MTC Todd D. Christofferson spoke and it was
broadcast to the Brasil CTM. Believe it or not he talked about the same
exact thing Neil L. Anderson talked about last week. Repentance. He said
repentance is not a step to baptsim but rather baptism is a step of
repentance. Our real goal is to bring others to Christ for the remission of
their sins. Not baptize them and forget about them. We baptize them
specifically for the remission of their sins. He said "Its better to be
trusted than to be loved." Which is an interesting concept that was very
powerful. Later that evening it was the day of 9/11 so all the American
missionaries met up at 10:00pm and sung the Star Spangled Banner.
We also watched a broadcast of a talk at the MTC from two years ago
with Elder Holland and he said something I will never forget. He was
talking about why isn´t missionary work easy. We are teaching people the
truth of Christ why are´nt people begging to have this happiness and then
he said, "Because nothing Christ did was easy. We declare ourselves
representatives of Christ and if we sincerely mean that we must follow in
His footsteps and experience at least the slightest amount of pain that he
On another note Elder Hernadez was bitten by some exotic spider and
we went to the Doctor thinking it was serious because he´s whole leg was
bruised and the Doctor just said "Oh that´s very common no need to panic it
happens all the time." So that´s nice. I´ve been getting a lot better at
the language because i read in Preach my Gospel the best way to learn is to
read it through scriptures so any free time i have i´m reading it and
translating it to English. It´s been a great blessing. Our Brazilian room
mates left last night so we gave them blessings. I´m going to miss those
The CTM is a great experience and i´m happy to be here love you all
keep on serving.

-Elder Morrow


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