September 21, 2016


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week 4

Hey everybody! We´ll i have about a week and a half left in the CTM so
there isn't much exciting news. However on Sunday we were able to watch a
broadcast from Provo of Elder Ballard speaking. He gave an awesome talk
about how we give all our time to the Lord because this is His time not
ours. I really enjoy hearing talks from different apostles. Their
testimonies are very unique best all testify of the same thing.
So their is an Elder here named Elder Mooney from the Navy academy
and he decided to read the entire Book of Mormon is straight Portuguese in
four weeks without looking at the English Book of Mormon. He speaks the
language better than anyone here and all the instructors say they haven´t
seen anyone speak it this good so fast. So i decided to take up the
challenge a long with the rest of my District. We only have two weeks
though so we are reading 35 pages a day. I read any chance i get and I´ve
already noticed a huge improvement. It´s funny because at first you are´nt
familiar with anything but if you are familiar with the doctrine you start
recognizing the words, the sentences, then chapters. I´m on track to finish
it in one more week and i´m excited.
Aside from that not much has changed. The teachers are awesome still
and the food is good. They give us a snack right before we go to bed called
"Lanche" and we rely on that to get us through the day. Last night, one of
my room mates (Elder Evans) was telling a story while twirling his keys and
the string attached to his keys snapped so the keys fell out the window (6
stories down). I've never laughed harder in my life i don´t think.

Well everyone i can´t wait to get in the field! Till next week
Elder Morrow


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