September 28, 2016


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week 5 (i think)

Hey guys,
Luckily its my last week in the CTM. Don´t get me wrong, i like the
CTM and all the workers here but I can´t wait to get out into the field. On
Saturday we go to go Proselyting again. Except this time the main road to
the city was closed down so we had to take a detour and we got there way
late. They told us "sorry guys you only have 30 min now, good luck!". It
was different having less than half the time as the previous week but I
really liked it. We pretty much ran from person to person and handed out
all our Book of Mormons and even got some references which i was stoked
Aside from that not much has happened. A huge group of Brazilians that
we play basketball with left last week so that was sad. However, the new
group is hilarious. So Elder Evans has blonde hair and blue eyes and all
the new Brazilians call him Joseph Smith. They are so funny about it and it
has me dying every time. Since, we are the oldest group we are now paired
up with the newest missionaries for splits. It´s interesting but a cool
experience because you really get to try out the language while teaching a
Brazilian how to teach.
One of the Brazilians that left this week was named Tiago Silva and
he actually spoke perfect English. He stayed a couple doors down from us
but we actually became very close friends with him. Before he left he
shared D:C 18:15-16 (if you bring one soul unto Christ how great will be
your joy) and he gave us a little speech. He said that American
missionaries are extremely special to his family because they baptized his
dad who then baptized his family. He then said, "You guys come to this
country away from your families to make it a better place. The Brazilians
look up to you. You guys never forget that and never do anything that would
let the Brazilians think otherwise. You guys are the reason I am here
Well, next week I´ll be in Porto Alegre Sol and i can´t wait!
Keep looking to the Lord.

-Elder Morrow


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