October 17, 2016


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week 8 peeps

Oi! bom dia folks, this has indeed been an eventful week!
Last Wednesday we went to Pelotas for a conference. Pelotas is a huge
city two hours below Camaquã. 76 of us missionaries went because a General
Authority would be coming to speak. It was great to finally meet some
American´s and say hi to some Elders that were in my district at the CTM.
However, at this point I had only been in the feild for a week so I had no
idea what the General Authority was saying in português. During his talk he
said a joke and everyone started dying laughing. I had legit no idea what
he said. After he said the joke, he said in straight English, "Did all the
American´s get it?" And everyone is like "Sim, Sim!" and kept laughing.
Then, at of 76 missionaries, he looks at me from the pulpit and says,
"Elder Morrow, did you understand?" Everyone turned around and looked at
me. I said, "I have no idea what you said." Everyone started laughing even
harder and then he repeated the joke in English just for me:) It was a
pretty funny moment and everyone knew me as the new Greenie from that point
on. ]
However, laughter was cut short moments later when something crazy
happened. As we sat there listening to the talk, randomly a large moaning
sound came from the crowd. One of the Elders started having a seizure and
puking blood everywhere. The President Cruz ran down and we moved all the
benches out of the way. They picked him up and rushed him to the hospital.
All the Sisters started crying and randomly another Elder passed out due to
panic. It was highkey one of scariest moments of my life. Luckily we have
the Preisthood, and that Elder returned to his apartment that night ready
to proselyte the next day.
Anyways in other words, Me and Elder R. Lopes were teaching one of our
families (they are the only family that´s actually married so it´s a big
deal) and we were about to finish up the lesson with our testimonies when
randomly this man walks in. This family is extremely Catholic and they have
been wanting us to talk to their Catholic friend. Anyways, this friend
walks in mid lesson and the first thing he says is, "Robert Smiche had 27
wives!" Yes folks, our first Bible bash (I think he met Joseph Smith by the
way but who knows:)). He asked a lot of questions and made some weird
claims. For whatever reason I understood every word he said, probably
because I have heard these same claims so many times in English. "you
baptize dead people", "you guys pay too much money for big temples", "your
church is too small to be of Christ", blah blah blah. Elder R. Lopes
happens to be a Bible expert and had three scriptures to answer every
question. After about 30 min, me seeing this was going no where and just
confusing investigators I said,"Sir you said you've studied every religion
right?" He said "Yes, ive studied it my whole life." I said, "Sir you can
not say you know and have studied our religion without reading the entire
Book of Mormon because if you read that book you will realize no normal man
could have written it without help of God." He looked me in the eyes and
said, "What is this Book of Mormon?" We ended with a prayer.
I've definetly learned patience here. We have probably around 6
couples that want to get baptized but none of them are married and none of
them want to get married. We have one couple that comes to church every
Sunday and they want to get married. Sadly, a civil marriage license from
the government here takes 60 days to receive. It´s kinda frustrating
sometimes to think we won´t be able to baptize them and that the next
missionaries here will have to but it doesn´t really matter. As long as we
our all brining souls unto Christ it doesn´t matter who does the baptizing.
Let me tell you a little bit about my area. Rio Grande Sol (the State
our mission is in) is the "Texas of Brasil". Everyone here hates the
goverment and they have special holidays where they actually celebrate when
Brasil LOSES wars. Also everyone here says "Ba". Yes "ba" like a sheep.
They say it to everything. "how was your day?" "ba." It´s not actually
Portugues and the rest of the country doesn´t use it only the state of Rio
Grande Sol uses it. It´s kinda of the equivilent of "yáll" in Texas. My
companion Elder R. Lopes is engaged. I guess it´s really common for
missionaries before the mission to get engaged. There are hundreds of
churches here. Almost every other building is a church so everyone has a
different religion already. However the true gospel changes people and we
see it in lessons everyday. There are a lot of hills we walk up on down
everyday but I couldn´t be happier. When we are giving all our time to
serving the Lord, we are as close to happiness as we can get.

Elder Morrow


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