October 24, 2016


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time is flying two months

Oi coisa boa!
Another great week in Camaquã! This week Me and Elder R. Lopes got to
teach a family how to have family home evening and it was actually so fun.
We bought tons of candy for the kids and watched some church movies and the
family really liked it. The 9 year old boy said when he´s older he wants to
be a missionary too. It was definetly a good experience for our
investigators and it did bring back memories of family home evening with my
own family.
We had our first District meeting this week so the Zone Leader came
and stayed at our apartment the night before. Since my companion is the
District leader him and the Zone Leader went on splits while me and the
Zone leader´s companion (Elder Roseiro) went on splits. Elder Roseiro is
straight crazy. We went and taught two families that have had the
missionareis for a while and have had all the lessons so we were just going
to teach them about daily prayer. The first visit I taught about prayer and
then when I was finished reading a scripture, Elder Roseiro randomly taught
the whole Restoration. The next family we taught was a couple that go to
church every Sunday but they can´t get baptized because they are not
married and are smoke. We stared teaching about prayer then randomly Elder
Roserio goes, "Why aren´t you guys baptized?" They told them the situation.
Then Elder Roseiro straight up says "You guys need to stop smoking give me
your cigs." After that there wasarguing and portuguese speaking and I
did´nt understand any of it but the lesson actaully ended with them giving
us all of their cigs! I truly learned that every missionary has talents
specific for specific investigators.
Many of our investigators say they know the church is true but we
aren´t having as good of a turn out at church as we need so this week we
really focused on teaching the importance of attending church and The
Atonement (Expiação in portuguese). There is definetly power when teaching
the Atonement. We were teaching one family in particular that have been
taught by the missionaries for two years but never have come to teach. We
taught the Atonement and after i said, "Christ was perfect yet he suffered
for all of us. We cannot comprehend the pain he suffered in his life and it
was all for us. Sometimes a mission seems hard but two years is nothing
comapred to the lifetime of pain He suffered for us. When we think its hard
to follow the commandments or go to church, just think about what Christ
has done for us and what we owe him. Then, all these small things we think
are hard become easier because Christ did these things and so much more,
with us."

When the Brasilains introduce me to people they call me "Treston Beiber"
and say im Justin Beiber´s cousin. When I asked why they said it will help
us baptize more. hm.

I hope you guys have a good week we might have our first baptism this
Sunday so cross your fingers!

Com amor, Elder Morrow


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