October 31, 2016


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week 11

Well this week was definitly an exciting one. So, because Elder R.
Lopes is a district leader the Zone Leader had to come down to interview
our investigator for baptism (Her name is Liandra). Me and Lopes were
really exciting because we´ve had so many people set for baptism but they
end up not being ready right before the baptism. Elder Manitakis arrived
(The zone leader) and for what ever reason the AP came with him (Elder
Aguilar). We were about to head to the church when we get a depressing
call. Liandra called us saying she did´nt think she was ready. Man Me and
Lopes were actually way depressed. We have been working so hard and I felt
like we have been doing everything right. The AP and Zone Leader drove
three hors here for nothing. Why is no one commiting? That morning during
personal study, I decided to study attributes of Christ. I came across the
attribute "Hope" (esperança in português). I think this is something I´ve
maybe lacked.
I´ve always kinda been a realist, which is good in some cases but Christ
taught to always Hope things will work out. So I decided to fast for my
investigators and the desire to have more "Hope".
Investigators NEVER give us food. I think I´ve had a desert once at a
members house. During our first visit of the day, a girl named Iancanta,
randomly gives us ice cream. Ice cream is very rare in Camaquã and it was
homemade but I stayed strong. Our last house of the day was one of the
families we teach. Right before we were about to leave the mom says, "You
boys look like you´ve had a long day." When randomly she brings (I´m not
exageerating) plates and plates of pasrty deserts I´ve never seen before. I
wanted to cry. The companion was supposed to fast with me but he decided he
would do it a different day:) I´ve never had a problem with fasting but
this was definetly the hardest fast I´ve done. Elder R. Lopes ate infront
of me smiling with the rest of the family. I´m proud to say I stayed strong.
Anyways the next morning we had another training in Pelotas. The
mission president, Presidente Cruz, said he would swing by and pick us up
for whatever reason. I´ve heard rumors about his driving and man, every
single rumor is true. Pelotas is a two hour drive away by bus, we got there
in 38 minutes. He averaged I think over 200kmph the entire time. The
training was really good but it was all about how we needed more baptisms:)
After the training I broke my fast and we headed home. When we got back to
Camaquã we were teaching a family that has been attending sacrement for two
months but all have problems with the Word of Wisdom. Randomly during the
lesson I was overcome by the Spirit. I don´t remember what I said but I´ve
never talked Português like that ever. Since that lesson, I´ve been filled
with Hope, but more importantly me and Elder R. Lopes have been teaching
with power. Amazing things have been happening. Investigators are really
starting to change. People are really having the desire to get baptized. We
have 12 people on date from now till the end of November. I´ve never been
more happy. We had an activity this Saturday where we watched "Meet the
Mormons" and we had more investigators come than members.
To finish off, I was studying the stories of the sons of Mosiah in
Alma 20-21. I realized that is was after the "pains, sufferings, and
afflictions" of the Sons of Mosiah in prison, that they received "many
conversions." During their time in prison it says, "They had patience in
all their sufferings."
I like to invite you all to have a little more patience in life.

Elder Treston-Beiber (Yes they still say that and its actually making me so
dang mad).


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