November 14, 2016


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week 13 the comeback

Yo it´s good to be back!
This week was transfers and my companion Elder R. Lopes swore he was
going to be transfered. He said goodbye to all the investigators and bought
a cake and everything. But that sucker is staying with me for another
transfer. The only person that got transfered in our house was Elder
Correia. The four of us are like Brothers in that house but the Lord nees
him somewhere else. The new person has´nt arrived yet but its going to be
another new guy.
Well everyone in Brazil has been talking about the election. In fact
everyone is mad about it. Everyone is so upset Hilary didn´t win. I´m not
sure why they even care but i get asked about it probably every other
minute. The more and more I progress in the language, the more and more
realize how similiar this place is to América. They literally listen to all
the same American shows, listen to American music, same food companies, in
fact the even have Dora the Explorer (but she teaches them English not
Spanish). Everything is translaed into Português. The other day we went to
a families house and the dad was even watching the Ameican fishing channel
translated in Português. It´s kinda wild. If you ask a Brazilian what their
favorite music here is, they always say Nickelback and Linkin Park. For
whatever reason that always has me dying.
As far as other things go, the work is going really good here. We
have a lot of people coming to church meetings and a lot of people actually
getting serious about baptism. We´ve been focusing a lot on the power of
prayer. Prayer is truly amazing. God is all powerful and he has created
galaxies, yet as insignificant as we are, we have the ability to comunicate
with Him one on one. Everyone here is Catholic so they say rehearsed
memories prayers but we are truly teaching them the meaning of a sincere,
heartfelt prayer.
Okay, so yesterday we planned to go on splits with some members. One
of us would go with the Branch President and visit less-actives and the
other one would go with a member and visit the investigators. I thought I
would go with the Branch President because I´m not fluente in Português but
no. Elder R. Lopes really wanted to go in the Branch President´s car so he
sent me with the member. The member was actually mentally challenged and
didn´t talk much so I was confused as heck on how I was going to teach
these lessons. So I said a prayer for strength and we were on our way. We
taught four famies of investigators and while I still have a lot to learn
in Português, I taught all four lessons with Phillip (the member) bearing
his testimony at the end. It went pretty good I thought. Two of th lessons
were new investigators so I had to start from scratch but they all ended
pretty good. When we returned to the church to meet the other dupla, Elder
R. Lopes has actually gotten car sick and threw up. Haha.

Well guys the work is going good and América is great again,
Adues Elder Morrow


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