November 14, 2016




Elder Turner

I'm driving

Dear Friends, This week has been quite full of meetings and walking, cause walking takes forever. As far as the meetings go we had our interviews w/ President Grayson and then our ZTM and then we had a new missionary meeting in Macon. The ward members really helped get us to all of the different meetings and it is so amazing to see the sacrifice that members of our church are willing to make. On Tuesday we did some tracting and we met a guy named marcus you promised to go through the resto. pamphlet and give us a call. He hasn't called us yet, but I'm sure he will. On Friday night we got surprised with a car!! Which was way cool! Sadly neither of us were allowed to drive it because his arm is still broken and they hadn't taught me how to drive yet, luckily on Saturday they taught me how to drive again and now I'm driving! Time for my spiritual thought type thing. I think its important to focus on what you can do instead of what you can't. For example When we were on bikes we thought it kinda sucked, but then when we were walking everywhere we wished we could be on bikes again, and some people can't even walk. The point is thank God for what he HAS given you and stop complaining about what he hasn't given you. I actually have another thought to share, This week we had the opportunity to attend a funeral at our church building and even though I didn't know the person I really felt a sense of loss in the room. The man was 25 and was the son of a inactive member. The biggest thing I got out of the funeral was the example of the young man who had passed, he always told his friends that he loved them and that he cared about them. With that random thought over I love all of you and will try to be there for you even though I'm in Georgia.


Elder Trenton Lynn Allmon


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