December 19, 2016




Elder Turner

80 Degrees

Hello Dudes and Dudesses,
This week has been an incredibly rad one. The highlights include Xchanges, service, and a two old dudes with sweet beards. Also Christmas is this Sunday!!!! I realize all of you probably remember this, but time passes differently for missionaries I mean I'm still waiting for halloween to happen. Merry Christmas though!

Xchanges with Elder Billman were sick we did some rad missionary work and then visited the Lewis's. The Lewis's are a LA fam in the area and they freakin' love Billman! I mean I like going over there normally, but with BIllman it is just such a different experience!! The highlight of the night is "Not just no, Heck Naw" they are so funny! We also helped the Jensen's load up their moving truck. that was sad, but I enjoyed helping.

Service was the run of the mill H.H. except I think I lifted a log that was just a bit to heavy cause my back is still sore.... Hahaha. I really do love the opportunity I have been blessed with to go out and help those people! Also it was 80 degrees that day, but the day before when we were contacting peeps in a park it was like 40 so that's Georgia for you.

As far as the to old dudes go they are crazy as anything, but I love them just as much! Their names are W.T. Edwards and David Edwards. WT is David's dad. They are the funniest guys I have ever met. One quote from WT "I'll go sit under a tree and wait to die like the old indians did, but I never could figure out how those indians knew when they were gonna die with my luck I'd sit under that damn tree for 10 years" That was said just after David threatened to leave him in the Church parking lot.

Sorry bout the long email Y'all, but I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!

with love,
Elder Allmon


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