January 30, 2017


Canyon Springs/Bulverde


Elder Ridenour

Living and Applying his truths.

Good Morning!

We have had many great experiences this week that I'd love to share.

A few nights ago we had an evening full of teaching appointments and
each one fell through at about the same time. It was the very start of
our evening so we said a prayer asking where we were needed. We both
looked at our maps and ended up on the same person and at the same
time we said their name. We decided that's where we'd go. We went and
nobody was home. We felt like we had been guided to that area so we
stayed and worked in that area. Not one person we talked to was
anywhere close to interested. But we knew there was a reason we were
in that area. As it was time to head back to the car we said "Okay one
more door." If any of you read or watched women's conference it was a
fourth floor, last door type of experience. We picked a door and a
woman came to the door and opened the door. We picked that house
because there was a super bright chandelier hanging above the the door
in a window. It reminded me of the "Hello" missionary parody and so I
started singing " Hello from the inside!" On the way there we were
talking about how we need to get our of our vocabulary things like "we
are LDS missionaries" and other things similar. When we knocked on the
door and a woman came to the window and said "can I help you?" The
only thing I could think to say is we are missionaries. But I thought
no i can't say that! So I just smiled and waved. She opened the door
and told us she was just a little scared because it was later in the
evening and her husband was gone. Then she saw we weren't much of a
threat. We shared a scripture from the Alma 34 and talked about how
the Book of Mormon helps us find our purpose in life. This was
apparently exactly what she needed to hear. She told us she was going
to go inside and start reading the Book of Mormon right then. It was

We started teaching a young woman this week who we had to refer over
the the YSA. She is golden and will be baptized for sure. She grew up
in El Paso and has a bunch of friends who are LDS. She gets some of
here missionary friends emails and she said she always reads their
testimonies and it makes her curious. That made me realize I'm not
sure if I have bore my testimony over email really. I know that I am a
servant of Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind. The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the restored church of Christ.
Within that church we hold the fullness of the truth. Living and
applying this truth brings us the most joy we could ever find. In the
name of Jesus Chirst, Amen.

Elder Baker


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