September 12, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Yale

New Companion

Dear y'all,

We have had another wonderful week. I received my new companion on
Tuesday. Elder Yale is from Kennewick, Washington. Thankfully he is
Spanish speaking. We are having a great time together.

Tuesday we met again with David. The man who has a scholarly knowledge
of church history and the organization of the church. This time we did
our best to teach the restoration but there were some specific
questions he had that he wanted answered. Interestingly enough they
were on unpardonable sins. We were able to answer those questions for
him. We are trying to discern whether or not he has as desire to
progress or to just learn. He says he will be baptized but we are not
exactly sure. We brought a member of the bishopric with us to that
lesson and he called us later on in the night. This call made gave me
an external perspective on some things which helped me grow a greater
gratitude for the blessing I have to serve for two years. He was
thanking us for inviting him out. He said he went home right after the
lesson and studied his scriptures for 2 hours harder than he ever has
since his mission. He expressed how it is such a blessing to be able
to study for investigators and help Heavenly Father's children find
truth to the deep soul rooted questions they have. After our lesson
with David we had great lesson with Sonny. There is one thing holding
him back from baptism and he said that he feels a strength and driving
force to get rid of this one thing to be baptized. This week he stayed
at church all 3 hours for the first time and loved it. If you would
please pray for him so he can overcome this hurdle.

Many other great things went on this week. We hope to continue to
harvest the fields at this rate and even faster as we apply the
Atonement to ourselves. I love y'all.

Elder Baker


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