April 25, 2016


Leon Springs/Fair Oaks


Elder Muhlstein

Earlier this week.... conversation in car.

Earlier this week Elder Muhlestein and I were having a conversation in
the car. We had just planned a family home evening with a family and
we planned we were going to make pvc bows with the family because one
of the kids loves bows. He told me his stake president told him that
every missionary will use all of their talents on their missions. The
word works with what you have or have developed. Elder Muhlestein
expressed his excitement to use his talent and knowledge of bows to
help fellowship this family. He said he didn't think he would ever get
to use it. I thought "Hmm. I thought I might get to use baseball a
little bit but I haven't. I've talked it a little bit but that's about
it." I wondered if I'd ever get to use it. I guess we'll find out.

This last week went really well for us. It was very productive. I'll
just share a couple experiences from this past week. Wednesday a
member came out with us after we ate dinner with his family and we
visited a less active member. We had a short lesson with her and then
headed to an appointment we had set up. We had taught this man the
week before. I may have mentioned him, his name is Devin. We taught
him the restoration and he didn't want to act. He's agnostic and we
asked him if he could know more about the higher power he believes in
if he would want to. He told us no. We asked if we could continue
teaching him though and he told us yes he likes to learn what others
believe. So we went back. We hoped that he would recognize feeling the
spirit again as we were there and want to act. We asked him what he
remembered about last time. He said he didn't remember much. That it
was all a blur because he wasn't feeling well that day. So we retaught
the restoration. Something caught him this time. It may have been our
emphasis on families and eternal marriage but we aren't sure. He asked
great questions and agreed to start reading the BOM. He even prayed to
start the meeting. After Devin we headed to the Davis'. We had a great
FHE on keeping the sabbath day holy. Mike, the husband, who has been
taught many times even committed to come to church on the 1st.
Afterwards came my oppurtunity. Tyler their 14 year old boy (who
reminds me a lot of Tuck) plays baseball and we started talking about
it. He told me he would drop a dinger off of me. So I went out and
pitched to him. It was so great. I don't even know the last time I
touched a pelota. It felt good. Except after a few pitches I tried to
throw a breaker and almost hit him in the head. It's been too long. We
left and got in the car and the member who has served a mission and
gone out with missionaries a lot said he thinks that may do the trick
with the rest of the family.

The Lord calls us to things not by chance but with purpose. Not just
in missionary work. But in life. We should let him stretch us and let
him use our tools. I love you. I hope your week is great.

Elder Baker


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