May 16, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder White

Well another day of fishing....

Well another day of fishing but I thought I'd better write a good
email today. Haha Things here in the Llano branch are going well. It
has been very fun and also interesting basically opening up an area.
We have been able to polish up our contacting skills meeting a lot of
new people everyday.

Last week was a good week as a well. And I didn't share much so I will
share one of the miracles we saw last week. One night we were looking
for a home who was marked as a potential. We couldn't find the address
but we found a number that was close to the one we were looking for so
we decided we would knock on the door and ask if they knew where the
address we were looking for was. A man came out as we walked up and
so we started talking to him. In contracting people we like to start
testifying and teaching right away and so we did so. He told us it
wasn't a coincidence that we had came. He said his wife, just before
he had come out said they should start reading the bible as a family.
We testified of how the restored gospel will bless his family and how
we have a prophet today that helps us teach and guide our families.
When we said this he started crying and did so for a couple minutes.
We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read a chapter that we
would discuss in a later meeting. It was amazing to see such simple
words and testimony touch this mans heart. The spirit can do
incredible things before us.

We saw quite a few miracles this week and I'll share one of those as
well. We had gotten a referral from some other elders who had met this
man. We stopped by his home and he let us right in. He is in his early
20s and just got out of the Army. We taught him the restoration and
after we shared the first vision with him he kind of wiggled in his
seat and said "I just got chills down my spine!" He was so excited by
the time we were done and he wanted to share it with all his friends.

The work continues on and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I am
seeing this bless so many families and I know it can bless all of
yours if you live it. I love you.

Elder Baker


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