January 11, 2016


Leander, TX


Elder Mecham

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes I know it's late! I'm sorry I didn't get one out
last week. The last two weeks have been good of course. I'm still in
the promised land!

Lets go back 2 weeks. Monday the 28th we took two young men out with
us and visited quite a few people. We had an appointment cancel at one
point so we were trying to decide who to go visit and one of the young
men that was out with us is on fire. We asked him about one of the
friends he had referred us before and he started naming off a ton of
friends that we could go teach. The youth here are so willing to share
the gospel. It's amazing. We chose one of the friends and had a great
lesson with him.

Tuesday we had a few lessons. One really awesome one we had was with a
lady named Barbara. She is a mother of a recent convert. We have met
with her a few times now and had some really great lessons with her.
That night we were trying to help her understand the necessity of the
priesthood for ordinances. It was a strong lesson. We left and her
daughter texted us and thanked us for what we are doing and told us
that her mom is really opening up to us and has made more progress in
the last couple visits than she has in the last few months. Now this
means nothing on our part. It is just amazing to me to see the precise
timing of the Lord's work. He puts us in peoples lives at certain
times and in certain places with a purpose. He truly has a plan.

To be honest the rest of that week was a bit slow with new years and
everything. We still taught and we were productive bit it was a bit
slower than normal. Oh and we had plenty of service taking down
Christmas lights. We did teach Fong who is always fun to teach. I may
have mentioned her before. She is from China and she speaks Cantonese
and very very little English. So one of the things we are doing with
her is teaching her english. We were teaching her prepositions on new
years eve and we were doing and exercise where she had to give us
directions using certain prepositions. Well she had to use "in" and
she had given us this Chinese candy that we hadn't eaten yet and it
was sitting on the table. (By the way she gives us so many of these
candies. We have a pile of them on our desk.) She looks at the candy
and says "Put the candy IN your mouth!" And then she just lost it. She
thought it was the funniest thing in the world. I thought she was
going to fall on the floor she was laughing so hard. We finished
teaching English and before we left she went out back and picked some
lettuce out of her garden to give to us as a new years gift. It was
really nice of her. Somehow I remember learning how to say and write
happy new year in Chinese from the first grade so I was able to say
that to her and she thought it was so cool. She is fun to teach.

This past week has been a really good one. Monday night we didn't have
any appointments set so we had planned to go through our massive list
of potentials. We are promised that we will be guided in every area of
the work as long as we do our part and that is something I have lacked
faith in. Don't get me wrong like I was saying the Lord guides his
work and I know that for a fact but there have been times when I have
sought for guidance on who to visit and haven't felt like i've
received anything. Because of this I have been exercising my faith in
this area. We always say a prayer before we walk out of the house so
we did so. Then we got in the car and stopped by a family we expected
to have a lesson with. They were just starting dinner so that didn't
end up happening. We had some other people in mind that we had put in
to stop by but I didn't feel like we were guided to them. We got back
in the car and I said let's say a prayer. We did so and asked for
guidance and then sat and listened for a minute. The only thing we
really felt was that we should stay in the Leander area. We looked
through the area book and decided on purple. We were headed to purple
and going through blue and our prayer was answered. The Lord guided
us. In the very area I had been personally seeking. I felt prompted
that we should stay in blue. We did and went to a potential that Elder
Mecham had never met and that I hadn't seen in forever. We knocked on
the door and Kelly opened the door and invited us in right away. We
came in and had a powerful lesson on the restoration. Pete and Kelly
invited us to come back a few days later. It was such a faith building
experience. The Lord always answers. It reminds me of the story of the
brother of Jared. He asked the Lord how to light the barges. And the
Lord asked him well how do you want me to light them? Sometimes the
Lord asks for our part first. That night we had to put forth our
effort before he guided us.

The rest of the week was so busy. If I were to tell you all of it, i'd
be here all day. We were going from lesson to lesson a lot of the
time. We met several new people. We did meet with Pete and Kelly again
and it went amazing. She commented on how normally she wouldn't have
let the "God people" in but for some reason she decided to. They are
both sincerely interested and loved the Plan of Salvation. Last night
we had a really great dinner with two member families and two of our
investigators. It was Diana and her soon to be husband Paul. He
doesn't ever sit in with us but lately he has been talking to us more
and more. He watched about 5 minutes of the Christmas devotional with
us. And last night we were able to slip in the message of the
restoration while teaching everyone. It was great.

We had an overall phenomenal week. I hope y'all did as well. I love
you and hope your week is great.

Elder Baker


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