November 30, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mecham

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate way too much food!

This week was a bit slow on the teaching side because everyone was or
is out of town. but it was full of service. I loved it.

Tuesday I decided it was time to catch the bug that is going around
and I woke up not feeling so hot. We still went out and taught a few
lessons and we were able to set Kaleb with a baptismal date. By the
dinner time my fever was really getting to me and so I asked for a
blessing and was able to see the power of the priesthood paired with

Wednesday we had district meeting and exchanges so Elder Christensen
came over to Leander with me and Elder Mecham got to go on his first.
Elder Christensen and I were able to help a member finish putting his
lights up for a light show he does. Afterwards we taught a few
lessons. One was taught to the Davis family about Eternal families
since sister Davis is now baptized. It was a wonderful lesson. It
brings so much joy to see how excited and determined they are to make
it to the temple. After the lesson Elder Christensen got to know
brother Davis aka brother breakface a little bit better. Brother Davis
has a gift. He can read people. Now that is something that is hard to
believe, even though I have seen it happen multiple times now, it
still blows my mind. I had told Elder Christensen a little about
Brother Breakface. He is really quiet and doesn't express much so he
apparently didn't want him to do it but he said his curiosity got the
best of him. Now the last time he and I went on exchanges we got to
know each other and I had asked if he had a girl he likes or whatever
and he told me no. There is some stuff brother Davis does sometimes
when he reads so he like touched his hand and was focused on him and
told him stop being so closed in you are making it loud and it hurts
my head. Then he just starts describing this girl. You never know what
he is going to pick out but this time it was a girl. So he starts
describing her and he says she left on a mission the same time as you
huh? Elder Christensen chuckled a little and turned red and said yeah
to Chile. I almost fell on the floor. Then he started describing their
relationship. It was totally insane! The only people that knew about
her was his family back home. I think it is so cool, Elder Christensen
not so much haha.

Thursday we got to go do service at a Catholic church and serve food
to those in need. It was such a neat experience. Elder Mecham and I
served food for about an hour and a half and then we got to walk
around and talk to people which I loved. It was so cool to see our
whole zone walking around serving others and even members from some of
our wards. After dinner we got dropped off at home and biked over to
see Jeannie who had gone to a members for Thanksgiving. We got picked
up there to head up to dinner. Our Thanksgiving was definitely a Texas
Thanksgiving. We had smoked brisket and smoked turkey and all types of
other stuff. These people truly take care of us and they are our
family away from home.

The rest of the week was wonderful. We were able to teach and serve
and find. Last night we had a weird experience. I've always told
sister West there is a ghost in this house because there are always
weird noises. Well the ghost has made it to our room. Last night I
turned the light of and climbed in bed and we were both laying there
and it just turns on. The both of us were like what in the world?
Elder Mecham sat up and it turned off and he said "okay i'm not
moving. I'm freaked out" At this point I am just dying laughing
because it was so creepy but insanely funny at the same time and Elder
Mecham is telling me "why are you laughing?! I'm totally freaked out
right now!'' It flashed on and off 2 more times and I could not stop
laughing. Elder Mecham kept telling me to stop laughing and that it
wasn't funny! We were the only two home so I know it was that silly

I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks to mom:) I was able to
sit down and reflect a little more than usual on the things I was
thankful for. I am thankful for all of you and your support. I am so
grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord. I am thankful for the
atonement in each of our lives. It is such a blessing we can use it
everyday. I love you and hope you have a joyful week.

Elder Baker


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