October 19, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mckay Hunt

This week was an extra special week in the service of the Lord.

This week was an extra special week in the service of the Lord. My
companion and I got some very rare opportunities. We continue to
experience miracles in Leander.

The families in the ward are amazing. I love getting to know all of
the different families and being that our ward has close to 1000
members, we have plenty to meet. We don't normally get fed on Mondays
for a few different reasons but there are certain times and
circumstances that we do. This last Monday was one of those. We had a
family offer to feed us who haven't been able to make it to church
very often lately. The family was great of course. It is hard to find
a family that isn't. We shared a message after dinner talking about
faith through trials. It was very powerful and we came to find out
that the had been going through a tough time with some health problems
in the family. We shared a scripture out of Alma 32 and it really
touched them. The next day the mother texted us and asked us for the
full chapter. The little miracles of the spirit amaze me. Later that
night we stopped by a man who told us we could come back. We were
talking with him and his son walked out. We know him! He works at the
carwash we go to and we talk with him when we go there. His son talked
to us and then left. The man we had originally come to see told us he
wanted us to help his son get away from some bad things. Well of
course we are happy to help. Out of all the homes in our area he lived
at this one and we had been talking to him at the carwash. There is no
such thing as a coincidence on the mission. The lord had guided us

Tuesday we had exchanges and our new district leader, Elder
Christensen, came to Leander to work with me. It was good to get to
know him a little bit. That afternoon we had a lesson with a young
couple we have met with a few times. We invited a member to come with
us and she did. Now take this story and do the exact opposite if you
ever go out with missionaries. The guy we were teaching had some
concerns before we started and so we addressed those and did our best
to answer the questions he had. One of his concerns apparently upset
our member because the member started to rage on our investigator. You
could see that she was very upset by the way she was talking to him.
She kept on going and then closed the lesson. It was very interesting
and not even Elder Christensen knew what to do. We left and we were
both kind of laughing about it. The next day he texted us and dropped
us. Remember to do the opposite of this story.

Thursday i had my first zone meeting. It was great. Another
opportunity to hear from president and our other wonderful leaders. In
the meeting we talked about healings, blessings and how faith is the
biggest factor in that. These meetings are such an overload of
information but they are so great. Our leaders are so great.

Friday we got a very rare opportunity. One of the Assistants to the
President came out with us for the night and the next morning. This
day was his 2 year mark and he told us how before he came out he was
one to just go through the motions of things. Now he is one of the
greatest missionaries i have ever met. I look at myself and think that
there is no way I could ever get there in only two years. But anything
is possible through the power of Christ. He taught us way too much.
Haha just kidding it was just a lot of information to take in at once.

Saturday was another special day. We had another baptism. It was the
first baptism I got to see all the way through from the beginning.
Richard told us how the darkness in his heart has turned to light
since he received the gospel. This baptism was a very special one. The
man who baptized Richard has been a member for about 2 years now. He
can't read or memorize things so he repeated what we told him to say.
The spirit that was in that room was incredible. Afterwards Richard
stood up and bore his testimony to everyone that came and that was
very powerful. We are so blessed to be part of these experiences and I
am so thankful for them. After the baptism I finally got to try some
homemade Texas barbecue. A member in the ward smoked a brisket for us
and it was easily the best barbecue I'd ever had.

On Saturday after the baptism, Richard asked me if i would do the
conformation. So on Sunday morning I got the opportunity to do that.
It was one of the best experiences so far. When Richard asked me I was
completely honored but I was pretty nervous. Our ward is already huge
as it is with four to five hundred people in sacrament each week. And
this week is the primary program. I remembered the training president
gave on blessings and how much he emphasized faith. I decided I was
going to give all my faith to the lord. I prayed and asked for the
guidance of the spirit and had a small fast before the blessing. I had
always heard the stories of people talking about blessings and how
strong the spiritual guidance is in those experiences. I had heard how
words had just flowed out of their mouth but i had never had that
happen to me. I really wanted that. I wanted it to be special for
Richard so I prayed and fasted to prepare. I put my faith in the Lord
and cleared my mind of all things. I stood behind him and put my hand
on his head and listened. I have now had an experience of the spirit
giving a blessing directly through me. It was amazing and all because
I put my full faith in the lord. After sacrament we taught the gospel
principles class which was another great opportunity. Two nights in a
row we got some real Texas food for dinner. We got to eat some smoked
salmon that was incredible. After dinner we had a fireside at Bishop's
house for the youth on missionary work. We had a great outcome with
about 60 kids. After the fireside we had an awesome experience. About
a week and a half ago we ate dinner with a family and talked about
missionary work with them. The daughter is 15 I believe and she is a
great missionary already. She is just a little nervous like most
people are. We gave her a talk to read and some quotes about
missionary work. After the fireside she told us that she read the talk
we gave her and after she read the talk she wrote in her journal,
"thank you Elder Baker and Elder Hunt. I have decided to serve a
mission." That was a touching experience. And really what got her to
decide that was the spirit not us but it was so exciting to hear her
tell us she has decided to serve the Lord because we know lives will
be changed.

This week was definitely one to remember. I am so thankful for the
blessings I have seen in Texas and I am looking forward to see what
else is to come. I love y'all.

Elder Baker

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