October 12, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mckay Hunt

It was another wonderful week in Leander, Texas

It was another wonderful week in Leander, Texas. I don't know why my
companion and I are so blessed but we are. It has become the norm to
have several lessons a day, while we have other missionaries tell us
they are lucky to get two a week. It is really going to be a sad day
when elder Hunt and I are split up and sent to different areas. But
the work must go on! My letter this week may be a bit shorter but
hopefully just as exciting.

This last Thursday we met with a less active lady that we have been
stopping by every once in a while. She always talks to us and listens
but she would never let us in. Since the very first time the two of us
met with her we both felt a strong spirit while talking with her. Well
we finally got in her house and had probably the most spiritual
experience i've had here in Texas yet. She stopped coming to church
because she had a kid out of wedlock and she feels like when she had
him and came to church she was judged. Since that day almost 2 years
ago she hasn't come to church once and that is the main reason. What
we came to find out by the end is that she has repented but she hasn't
forgiven herself. And because of that she feels judged. It is nice
when people really open up to us because then we get to know them and
we can be ourselves. Well i can be myself at least. As she opened up
we got to know her really well and I was able to be real and
completely blunt with her. By the end of the lesson she committed to
come to church and seemed pretty excited about it. But we have
breaking news: SHE DIDN'T COME. We were sad but that isn't the point.
The spirit was strong in that home and we will get her to church and
get 3 of her kids that want to be baptized, baptized. That lesson
ended up taking like 2 and half hours which is normally not good but
in this case it was wonderful.

Saturday was an amazing day. We got 3 service projects done and had 7
lessons. Every single one of those lessons had an amazing spirit.
There is one specific that i want to share. It was with a man named
Thomas. I have mentioned him in previous weeks. We had some plans fall
through so we decided to stop by his house to see if we could meet
with him. The lady that lives with him(complicated story) wasn't very
happy that we stopped by without calling first but he was totally fine
with it and let us in. We went out in his garage to talk out there. He
works on motorcycles for a living and is apparently one of the best
mechanics you can for bikes. His employment is through the state and
his main focus is police bikes but he does other stuff on the side so
he had some pretty sweet bikes in his garage. He fiddled around with
one as we just talked a bit. We got into 1 Nephi 8 about the iron rod
and the tree of life. When we read about the fruit we asked him what
his fruit was and he looked at us and said this right here. Hearing
him say that brought such a great feeling. This man will probably
never join the church but he knows that it is true. If he wasn't in
the situation he is in I am almost positive he would. He doesn't show
much emotion and he talks really soft and quiet but that night he was
smiling more than i had ever seen. When he was talking about
motorcycles you could see it was his passion. He was telling stories
and teaching us some stuff. But the definite best part of that night
was when he told us his fruit in life was talking about the gospel
with us. We sure love that man. Before we had stopped by Thomas' we
were talking to an older man across the street from his house. As we
were talking to him I got to witness our first angry customer. His
son-in-law came out of the house next door screaming ridiculous things
at us. He was telling us that he was going to have us arrested because
he "knows his rights" and just yelling all types of things. Joe, the
old man we were talking with, just told us to ignore him because he is
"out there" is what he said. The guy came back outside again and said
"you're still here?!?!?" He was so angry. I thought it was hilarious.
He started yelling saying that he knows who we are so elder Hunt asked
him "who are we?" He looked at us and said "nobody!!!" Oh man it was
funny. It is a good thing I'm a servant of the lord because the
natural me wanted to instigate to make him even more angry to get a
bigger kick out of it. That night we got home and we were getting out
of the car and a lady stopped in her van and started talking to us.
They aren't members but they live right around the corner from us.
This was the first time we had met them so we weren't quite sure what
who they were but she explained. Her daughter is turning 5 and
apparently she loves us. She was having a birthday party on Sunday and
she wanted to invite us so she made us cookies and left us an
invitation earlier in the day. It was so funny. Her parents don't know
how she knows who the Mormons are but she does and she loves the
missionaries. She said" I wanted to make you cookies for teaching
people about God!" She was so cute.

There's a few stories from the previous week. The work is great. I love y'all.

Elder Baker


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