August 31, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mckay Hunt

Another great one

Well this week was another great one. The week started out really slow
because Elder Hunt got pretty sick so we had to cancel everything that
day and stay home. He was apparently having some really bad allergies
that triggered his asthma. You would never guessed it was that by
hearing him though, you just would've thought he was dying. I guess
Texas is the most highly populated allergen state so it wasn't fun for
him or I. The rest of the week was great though. He got an arsenal of
stuff to help him get better and he was feeling well enough to go out
the next day. We went knocking in the afternoon which I love to do.
There are 3 types of people that we encounter while knocking here in
Texas. Almost everyone is already religious which makes it tough. So
there's the first kind and they are those who are willing to hear our
message and they are less than more but we got 2 potentials that day
and a few more throughout the week. There is the second kind which is
"no thank you, I have my beliefs but I 100% support what you're doing.
Keep working hard, don't let anyone say no, and God bless for your
work." Which is nice and uplifting but definitely not as joyful as the
partaking of our message. Last but not least, my absolute favorite,
person number 3! Those who look out the window in their door when you
can clearly see them and walk away or the open and close, or the hand
waving us away through the window blinds or the look through the peep
hole and say loud enough for us to hear out the door
"We don't open the door to these people" haha! You just gotta love
people! The best one yet was last night we had somebody karate kick
the door to scare us away! It was bizarre! You can see why knocking is
so exciting. I really do love it though. That night we had two
lessons. The first was a lady we were meeting with for the first time.
She was awesome. She was so ready to listen and learn and you can tell
she has been prepared by the lord. We went through the restoration and
the Book of Mormon and the spirit was so strong. But her husbands
friend was sitting in and he kept on killing the spirit. He wanted to
bash with us which like I said just killed the spirit. By the end of
it he actually said he was going to read the Book of Mormon though.
Hopefully next time he is more receptive! Next we met with a lady who
is marrying a member. That lesson went really well. Elder Hunt said
that is the best one they have had so far with her. Her husband is a
marine and he has been blessed with the ability to read people. Long
story short he read that I fish and it was insane. I have so many
great experiences from this week so I'm just going to talk about two
more. One experience was while going to a investigators house. We were
trying to catch her home but her friend was at home dog sitting. This
experience taught me to never give up. Her name was star and star is
an atheist. When she told us this we asked if she would tell us her
beliefs so we could understand more fully. She told us about how she
believed in the Big Bang theory and reincarnation. We aren't normally
supposed to do this but we felt it was appropriate. We talked about
the super deep parts of our beliefs and how we believe in possibly
someday being gods of our own. We explained deeper into this belief
and it led us into the gospel. We taught her many aspects of the
gospel and she stopped us and said " I feel it" and we got so excited.
Now obviously there's a ton more detail. This conversation went on for
about an hour. At the end she committed to read 3 chapters we gave her
and said she would possibly pray! At the beginning of this
conversation Star didn't even believe in God!! She told us she
actually gained a bit of a desire to know if there is a god!!! It was
definitely one of the coolest experiences I've had so far. Elder hunt
and I were so pumped for the rest of the day. We walked away feeling
so happy and just good. The next experience is crazy. There is a lot
more to it but the coolest part is we have our first baptism in two
weeks! We had this date set last week but the lady, Jeani, was having
a really tough time getting off coffee. Well she finally did and she
has came to church the last two weeks and her official date is
September 12th! The smile on her face was absolutely amazing. I don't
think I've ever seen anyone so bright. I am so excited for her.
Actually one last thing. Last night we had someone pray for the first
time. And that was one of the coolest things. After he said that he
felt really good. The spirit was so strong there. Well I would love to
tell more but don't have a ton of time this week. I love this gospel
and I know it is true. I love y'all and thank you for all the support.
If you have questions please ask!

Signing out,
Elder Baker


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