August 12, 2015




Elder Simmons

Where do I start?

Wow. I don't even know where to start. I wish I could talk on the phone because there is so much to talk about! Let me just tell you guys this week has felt like a year! And thats not a bad thing! It has been amazing here at the MTC. It has been so humbling and there have been so many spirtual experiences. The spirit is so strong here.

My companion is Elder Simmons and he's awesome! He actually got assigned to be our district leader a few days ago. He's from Cowley, Wyoming: a super small town and he loves basketball. We have gotten along really well from the very beginning!

I feel so blessed to be set where i've been set. Our district is, i cant even explain. They are phenomenal. I have so much love for them. we have 4 elders and 1 sister going to san antonio and the same going to jacksonville. our teachers and branch presidency have told us that our district is something special. they said its not normal to get one like ours. its hard to explain in words. elder simmons and i are rooming with the 4 jacksonville elders. not only do we have spiritual experiences but we all get along so well. we laugh together so much.

As for myself i am loving it. i love teaching and learning more about the gospel and growing closer to our heavenly father and christ. the investigators we have right now i already have so much love for and want the truth for them. like i said the spirit here is something else and i cant get enough of it. its so crazy coming to know for yourself that we are called of god. this is his work we are doing and when we work hard the spirit teaches through us. there isnt a feeling like it. i absolutely love this work.

when it comes to the mtc its a love hate realationship. i love it and what it is teaching me and the spirit and my district and zone and branch presidency but the days are sooooo long and they can be tough. the food here is alright but it tears you up.

The san antonio elders leave at 4;30 in the morning on the 19th, a week from today. i was assigned to the travel leader or whatever it is so im in charge of the travel stuff for those of us going to san antonio. the sister in our district going to san antonio is from mesa and she'll be a trio with my companion and i for about a day or so.

i know im leaving out so much so if there is a question you have ask it! i love you all so much and miss you but im having a great time. i cant wait to get out in the field.

signing out,

Elder Baker

p.s elders love packages and letters to the mtc😉


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