August 21, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Nigbur

Another Adventurer with Admirable Attributes

I think I'm in love. Alliteration just alleviates my anxieties, ya know?
Anyways, this week is one of those "Hey lots of tiny things happened and I'll share tiny short stories for you to feast on" kind of weeks. It was also a very quick and happy week so thats also some smile worthy info. I'll start with the biggest story first.

Reggi (not his full name for privacy reasons) has moved here from a distant land in search of peace and happiness. He is very young and also very sad. He has lost both of his parents and is now in Germany looking for a better life. One day Reggi ran into two dudes in white shirts. Elder Nigbur and Elder Sommerfeld. I wasn't there at the time so I don't know exactly what happened, but they asked him if he would like to meet up some other time. He agreed.
The next week Me and Elder Nigbur met up with him and taught him the first lesson. The spirit went straight to his heart as we discussed how the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth and miracles and revelation still happen to this day. He was thrilled, and we asked him if he would be baptized on the 29 of September. He said yes. We told him next time he meets with us we will tell him how families can be together forever and that there is a heavenly plan for us so that we all will have the chance to be with our loving Heavenly Father again. We're meeting with him tomorrow and I'm really excited.
According to one of our wonderful investigators who has attended a baptism, he spoke of how much the church feels like a family, and we hope we can offer that family feel to Reggi because currently he has none. I have faith that this gospel can help heal him and bring him newfound joy in life.

Now its time for my little short stories:

Passau Party
Last week we had district P-Day and it was an absolute party. Our senior couple missionaries were there and we played card games and had lots of cookies (I almost threw up there were so many) and I played my little Venova instrument thing. It was just a really good destresser and we built good relationships with the Passau elders (and sister). I dont recommend eating as many cookies as I did though, so watch out.

Zone Leader Tausch
We got to Tausch with the zone leaders who are just the leaders of a zone and a zone is an area with like 20-30 missionaries. It was a fun time and Elder Stockinger is a very wonderful man. We talked about games and made some good goals to change the world and find people ready for the gospel. We found some cool people and even made an on the spot friend! He was a really cool guy and I'll have to see if Elder Stockinger met with him again or not. Ill let you know next week if I dont forget, which too be honest, I probably will.
We also did some service project in the morning with the Munchen sisters and it was very very... easy. We lifted a fridge and wash machine and that was about it. We got a pineapple as a reward though so that was cool.

Fun Babylonian Times
Also on tausch we had a lesson with a man that the sisters had to hand to us. He delights very much in babylonian activities such as calling our sisters very sexy to their face. It was a very interesting lesson as he told us about chakra points and how his third eye can open up. Were thinking of dropping him, but he still might come to church anyways which might become a problem. Hes in greece for two weeks right now though so hopefully some sort of mighty miracle will change his heart.

Adventure Man Part II
We met another adventurer on the street. He had no fancy get up or anything, it was just some guy from Khazikstan. (I think thats how you spell it) And he takes rented bikes and bikes across Europe. Hes biked so many places its insane, and when he doesnt have a bike he just walks. We had a fun talk with him and then he called us idiots sort of because we didnt know this one guy from the Bible he was talking about. It was funny and we laughed about it.

We had another early morning service project except this time it was actually tough. It took 6 hours. We helped someone move out and move in to their new place. They were moving like 5 minutes away so we packed the moving van full 3 times and unloaded it 3 times. We had to carry a wash machine and dryer and fridge up a tiny tiny staircase. It was the most uncomfortable heavy object Ive ever moved. The guy we helped move was very grateful for us though and he was wondering what the heck we were doing in Germany so we told him we're here for our church and he was like "ah, cool"
I think we left a good impression on him though. It was a grand ol' time doing some back breaking work. They were very happy with our help.

Clock Tower Broke
Our giant famous clock tower isnt ticking anymore so we cant tell what time it is from miles away anymore. Hopefully they fix it soon. I miss my clock tower.

District Meeting!
A very enjoyable district meeting was had yesterday. I cant go as ham anymore because we have a senior couple in there with us and I dont think they want to hear about communist Satan and how patriotism can defeat any sin so I try to sneak in good ol fashion subliminal messages about patriotism into my german tips.
At the end of district meeting the Passau district had to go to a member appointment in Landshut so we said bye. But then one of them told us that they thought we were coming with them so we got a last minute invitation to go eat at this member appointment as well.

Legs of Steel
We rode forever to get to the unexpected member appointment on our bikes. My legs are going to be so freaking swole at the end of this mission. Like seriously, my body will be 90% leg we do so much biking in this area. It was stunningly beautiful though. We were in the middle of no where but everywhere around us was rolling hills and tiny forests and giant corn fields dotted around everywhere. Light blue skeis with big fluffy clouds. I was so tempted to scream for joy because of how gorgeous everything is. IM IN GERMANY SERVING THE LOOOOOOORD!
It was a fun time and I didnt scream because I didn't want to scare Elder Nigbur.

Member Appointment
It was pretty wonderful. We ate food and had fun conversations. The family we were at loves to roast each other so we had some good laughs. Definitely would go there again.

Thats been my week. It was pretty gnarly if I do so say so myself. Im having a ball and the work is starting to pick up again which is very good. Weeks are flying by fast and Im learning so much in these weeks. This saturday I find out if I stay in Landshut for 6 weeks or move somewhere else in the world. Im excited! I do know for sure that whatever happens, I'll be happy and content where I am. I love it here so much :)
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Also I cut my hair by myself this week and I have no bald spots. It was a party!

Pictures below are adventure man
Before and after pictures of the fluff on my cranium
Me and Elder Stockinger!
Our clock tower


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