August 14, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Nigbur

Perfect Party with Patriot Pace

A wonderful week with a wow-ing man! Woah!
Also I won't be able to write a lot of you because I'm going to have a party and a half with the passau elders today. Sorry! I'll get to ya next week :)
A few street performers playing groovy music is the only interesting thing that happened during finding on Wednesday and Thursday, and then we had a tausch with our district and I was in Landshut with Elder Pace!
Elder Pace struggles with certain things, so I was excited to go and help build up his confidence in the work! I made some goals to go out and get 3 numbers from people and hand out a book of mormon with this elegant elder.
So when he came over I gave him a really good pep talk about he was called to this mission for his personality and that he is going to achieve these goals!
The energy was high and Pace was really excited, so we walked out the door and the moment it shut I remembered that I don't have my keys on me.
And the other keys are with Elder Nigbur who is an hour and a half train ride away from us.
We also don't know who has our third set of keys...
So we panicked for like 30 minutes until we realized that you can open the door to our apartment without keys because the door is kind of bent and you can undo the lock no problem.
That kind of killed the energy, so I took an hour walk to our normal finding area so I could build up that energy again.
Once we were there, Elder Pace did an absolutely amazing job! The first person we talked to showed interest and we got his number. It was just the boost Pace needed. I told him which people to go to on the street and he did it no problem and he got 3 people's numbers in less than an hour! It was absolute insanity! Me and Nigbur have only gotten around 5 people's numbers in the past 3 weeks and now Pace did it in less than an hour. That is crazy! He's such an amazing guy. His German is rusty, but he can definitely communicate with the spirit.
That pumped him up so much, and then I felt we should go to our Bahnhof (train station) and once we got there we ran into one of our potentials and gave him a book of Mormon.
Just like that we got all our goals for the day. We set those goals up and had Faith we could achieve them so we did. It's all about Faith in the Lord. Once you have Faith that those goals are achievable, you will be able to achieve them.
It was such a cool experience to see the amount of power confidence and Faith in your goals can do to a person.
The next day we had good appointments with a groovy investigator. I found I'm really good at being friends with middle aged woman who like animals.
We taught her a little more about the plan of salvation but she thinks it would be less stressful if we just die and have nothing at all happen afterwards. Quite the pickle, so we'll explain more to her next time we meet.
And then we were with bible basher man who is an evangelist priest but thinks religions are bad, and then elder pace bore his testimony about the book of Mormon and he stopped bashing and started listening and now wants to meet with us. Testimonies have power and it was so cool to see elder Pace do that!

This week was rather gnarly and I'm glad I got to spend so much time with Pace. :) I'll write some mini stories because I'm feeling particularly lazy today and I'm on a train where every 5 seconds my focus is taken to the beautiful plains of Germany. I'll take a picture.
That was a good picture sort of.

Lessons are recommended to be at most 45 minutes.
We had a 3 hour member appointment. Again.
Members here like to make the food while you talk to them which takes an hour and then once you eat the food you do a spiritual thought which takes an hour sometimes and then they bring out desert which they make sometimes and takes another hour.
During the hour where they were making their homemade plum cakes, we played chess with their kids. It's was a mess.
I was up against one of the kids and I was teamed up with his sister. I got him under checkmark in less than 8 moves and he told me that's not how were playing, we have to get rid of every piece. So then for most of my turns he moved for me and I got absolutely destroyed.
We had to do this for an hour. We tried relating chess to the wars between lamanites and nephites and made them name some of the chess pieces after people like Moroni or Teancum so they hopefully got something out of it.
Lamanites won every time.

Energy Converted
I was feeling really good and very energetic. I was pacing around the apartment and unable to stop bouncing because I was so happy and excited for tomorrow to start (it was 7 pm and we still had to do studies) so i ran up and down the apartment staircase to get my energy out and then Nigbur told me to sit down and do a roleplay with him. So we did, and it was a 30 minute roleplay with a character named Leo. It had lots of difficult questions and even a really long awkward pause. We recorded the whole thing and watched the video afterwards and critiqued it and made notes on what I could do better. It felt like I had a coach and we were watching old boxing videos. It was a really cool experience and we learned a lot. Me and Elder Nigbur have found ways to get along now and he's a kool kat

I'm looking through my journal and there's not really a lot that happened this week actually. Mostly the tausch with Elder Pace. It's been a really really good week and not too much stood out besides this one really good dog I saw and I told Nigbur i wanted to write an essay about him and then we talked about informative and argumentative essays and thesis statements and hooks and the structure of each essay. I just might write an essay on that dog. I'll send it to my wonder English teacher next week.
Life is good.
I'm doing good. I'm a happy boy and feeling myself so that's dandy as candy.
Next week is going to be insane and I'll get some good stories for all y`all

I really love it out here :)

Go do a good thing for someone today. I challenge you. I double dog dare you.
You can't deny that now.

I'll attach some pictures otherwise I'll start rambling for another 5 paragraphs.
Have a good week!

Perfect Patriot Pace
Picture I took on the train while typing this email
Me being 500% attractive


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