August 7, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Nigbur

The Binding Power of Shoelaces

Zoo-wee mama what a fast week this was!
I started off sick as a dead bug, complete with sore throats, headaches and fatigue.
That didn't stop me though! I was going to have exchanges with the Zone Leaders! Which means I got to be with Elder Sommerfeld for a whole day and oooh boy what a great man that elder is!
We started by discussing our goals for the day and we set out to achieve them. I was feeling rather out of it too be honest because of the roughness of the week, but Mr Elder Sommerfeld man helped put me back in my rhythm. The heat of the sun and the exhaustion in my feet and the stress of sharing the gospel to every soul started to lighten up and become enjoyable again. We achieved all our goals that day and it was an absolute blast despite two appointments falling out. It honestly felt amazing to smile and be free again. He gave me a wonderful speech and blessing at the end of our tausch that taught and expanded my views a lot. He also gave me the confidence to keep on moving forward and gave me guidance on how to change my dread into happiness.
Judging by how happy I am at the time of writing this, I'd say he did a pretty darn good job.
On the summer journey with Sommerfeld we ran into a myth, a legend, and no it wasn't Scott Sterling, it was TRAVELMAN!
TRAVELMAN was walking down the street when I asked him what the heck he was wearing. He was wearing a thick black jacket with a white shirt and red tie. His hat was a dusty black color and it looked like a sombrero had a baby with a fedora. He was ornamented to the brim with chains, pockets, pins, badges and he had a sweet old cane where the handle was carved into the shape of a beer bottle. Germans.
Of course I asked it in a polite way - don't worry mother - and he answered and told us of his wonderful adventures across Europe. He told us of his quest to travel the world and that he was on this quest for 3 years. The clothes he had were the only clothes he had. He carries nothing but a cane and a large, really freaking heavy, bag with him. His jacket is lined with more pockets than I could count. He showed us this travel book of his of all the places that have been blessed by his presence. There were hundreds. He flipped through the book and it was filled with stamps, so many stamps. So many. Many.
Anyways, we asked him if we could share our journey with him and he agreed. We told him of the restoration and the book of Mormon. We promised him that he would receive divine guidance by reading the book and praying about it. And he believed us. He took the book without question and put it into his library of pockets. We wished him luck on his journeys, but not before taking a gnarly selfie with him.
What a man.
Maybe I'll see him in America 20 months later.

After my tausch me and Sommerfeld went to Munich/Munchen however you say it in english. We had to stop by the office real quick and we saw the mission president, a bunch of ehepaars (senior missionaries) and our office boys. It was fun to catch up and also to see how the office Elders handle heat. They don't. Those lucky sons of ding dongs get a.c. in their bedrooms! They even bought this weird a.c. thing and connected toilet paper tubes or something so that it blows wonderful cool air into their office spaces. Lucky ducks.
It is seriously hot in Germany right now.
I also gained testimony of how much the mission president loves us. This man has to keep track of every single missionary in the mission. He travels across 3 countries to talk to each one personally every 6 weeks. He receives emails from every missionary and responds to every missionary. When. I walked into the office that day, even though he was busy, he pulled me aside and talked to me to see how I was doing. Hats off to that man, he is someone I want to be.
The end of the tausch came and I was back with Elder Nigbur with a new perspective and boy do I love Elder Nigbur now. We're getting along splendidly. We overnighted at the office that night and had fun! The reason we overnighted was because the next day was
It was a ball! I love seeing all my friends and seeing how they're doing in their areas. I made sure to let all my friends know they were doing amazing! We also learned about how to love your companion in zone conference which was something I totally mastered... heh.
And it went by so fast and there were so many dying missionaries! In 3 weeks were going to have so many great people finish their mission's, so at zone conference they all gave their "dying testimonies"
There was lots of death. I'm going to miss those legends I never really got to meet.
But that was zone conference! Wonderful!

So that was the main story of this weekly, I don't have the time nor creativity to make my week all interconnected and enjoyable to read so I'll put them into tiny mini stories you impatient, hard to please, wonderful, lovable people <3

Soccer Gang
We woke up early with all the office Elders to go and play soccer. I felt like I was 12 years old again trying to go to other friends houses so we could get a game going on. We stopped by the APs apartment and begged them to play with us. It was a fun time.

Radical Groove Shop
One of our investigators works at this aesthetically pleasing hippie shop near the river. We stopped by to say hi and she invited us in because it was slow. We went up to the 2nd floor of the shop and had drinks and a hammock. It was so peaceful sitting down talking about the gospel while surrounded by pictures of Bob Marley and Albert Einstein. She's reading in her scriptures a bit even though she said she was atheist. We have another lesson coming up with her. She's so cool.

A Force Stronger than Love
My bike sucks. Sister Kalliainen, if you're reading this, I understand your pains. I'll give you a bike emoji for your struggles. 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️
Anyways, my bike had a flat tire for the past week and we fixed it, and then the front part of my bike broke and we fixed it, and now the gears themselves have broke. Completely. My pedals wouldn't even move, but the wheels could move fine. We also had an appointment that we really needed to go to and we were going to be late if we didn't take our bikes, so we came up with the idea to pull my bike with Elder Nigburs because his was perfect >_> . I got an old shoe from our closet and took the shoelace out, we then bound our bikes together. We couldn't find a whip sadly, but we headed out. If gmail didn't have the 25 mb limit of attachments I could send you a video. But Nigbur pulled me along a 20 minute bike ride and we got many, many weird looks. And funnily enough, it strengthened our companionship. We had a good time. I had people on the way call me lazy because they saw two weird white shirt dudes on bikes with one pulling the other. We also crashed and lost our bike lock but shhhhhh.

District Meeting
We got a new ehepaar in our district! They brought us cinnamon cookies and I ate too much and felt sick.
I loved it!
We also went district finding and that was fun.

That was my Week! Lots of good things happening, I'm feeling like I bounced back into the rhythm of things. We had 6 appointments this week and 4 fell out so sorry about the lack of spiritual experiences in this email. The one appointment we did have was unfruitful and we might have to drop him sadly, but it'll give us more time to get out there and hasten the work of the lord! The other appointment was our groovy investigator.
This week would not have been possible without the atoning power of Christ. He can heal you backwards in time and empower you to love everything. If any of you are suffering, I encourage you to go out and serve your fellow human beans. It really helps you heal.
Have a wonderful week!

Pictures below are
Me and Sommerfeld
A box of heads we saw in A shop
Our frühsport
Me and Elder Pace at district meeting


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