July 17, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Nigbur

Flavors of the Spirit

is a pretty mellow way to describe my week.
This was easily the hardest week on my mission but I don't even remember feeling sad or tired so that's pretty nifty.
We started off the week by going on a tausch with our district. So I went to passau for a day with elder Woodbury and it was so fun!
Their apartment is an absolute mess and I didn't want to take my shoes off. You open the door and you're greeted by STANK and then you walk into the kitchen and you see the walls are moving because they have a fruit fly infestation going on. There were so so many fruit flies it was crazy. There were bowls set up as traps and I ended up watching fruit flies try to take swimming lessons and drowning.
I have witnessed the drowning of so many fruit flies now. I started to feel bad :(
Besides the mess it was actually a super fun time. We did service, I was at the top finding and we got passau their second potential this transfer. We then made crepes and played chess. Really really fun time. I'm just scarred about all the tiny little souls lost in watery graves. The nats.

Their apartment was absolutely shook nasty, and coming back to our apartment was so nice. We had cleaning inspections so our apartment was pristine clean.

Otherwise we had some good experiences this week.

There was a baptism this week and it was for the bishops son. We invited this boy named Cristoph who is a self referall and he absolutely loved it. He said he saw a thing on tv about Mormons and researched it and absolutely loves us now. The thing he saw on tv was some news thing of our stake presidents family. And the stake president was at the baptism that day and they talked and Cristoph said "what a coincidence" and I told him "nuh uh man there's no coincidences". It was so cool. He wants to go to byu utah.
The baptism itself was wild as heck. It was just the bishops family and extended family and their were little kids everywhere screaming. It was so funny, but hard to listen to the speakers. There's this one kid named Loïc who's the bishops son and he has the chubbiest cheeks ever and he's only 2 or something.
During the part of the baptism where they explain the holy ghost to the kid receiving it, Loïc got this look in his eye that made his father immediately start to get up and walk towards him. Our little chubby cheek hero decided to climb the piano while the speaker was talking about the holy ghost. Without hesitation he decided to fling himself off the piano so he could make a loud stomping noise when he hit the ground, but his father caught him in mid air. His plot was foiled and he started laughing like the evil genius he is.
Later during the baptism itself Loïc was cracking up after his brother came up out of the water because he was "totally wet"
I freaking love that kid.
Cristoph had a good time laughing too. He loves the family atmosphere of it all and really wanted to come to church after that.

Friday the 13th on my 13th week was nigburs birthday! He blew out a lighter 19 times. And then we ate American brownies :)

The rest of the week I was sick with who knows what, but my stomach hurt and I was having headaches and I was being pretty hard on myself too. My missionary game was out of focus and I was getting frustrated at myself for not doing better. I was falling asleep during our personal study and dreaming of studying so when I woke up it felt like I was still in a dream. I just felt grossnastdisgusting and I didn't handle it all too well. I'm feeling lots better now though and not like I'm going to vomit so that nice. Lots of accidental naps this week :(

Flavors of the Spirit
We have an investigator who just wasn't progressing. He invites us over so we can talk about Christ, but if we put our doctrine into it He says that we have our religions and since we both follow God were ok. So this time the topic of Adam and Eve came up and he was talking about how Adam can't be forgiven because of what he did. We told him that God forgives everyone, even Adam and the spirit got super strong and Nigbur was filled with the spirit and totally spoke truth to him. At the very end we had Elton almost in tears and he said he knows what we speak is truth. He's just confused why his church taught it to him that way because he doesn't understand that different churches teach different things. It was so cool to see it from a third person perspective this specific flavor of the spirit. It was the spirit of truth absolutely raining on eltons heart.
I've seen other flavors of the spirit before. With our golden investigator Luis Nigbur told me the spirit tasted like pure love as I asked him to be baptized. With one of our super relaxed lessons we had a spirit of calmness about us and now with Elton it was a spicy flavor of LISTEN TO THESE MEN TEACHING YOU!

Our golden investigator Luis also dropped us were pretty sure. But were also pretty sure he's meditating on a mountain pondering if he should trust the two teenagers in white shirts talking about baptism. We hope he texts us back. I really love him

Nothing at all is changing in our district this transfer. Which means I'm staying in Landshut for another six weeks starting tomorrow. Every elder is staying right where they are in Landshut and passau.

I think thats it.
I'm really tired from being sick, but I'm going to kick this weeks butt and absolutely dominate this next transfer! Landshut better be prepared for righteousness!
I also have two appointments today even though it's pday so the one pday where I actually want to rest and recover I don't get too. So let's make the most out of it and turn it into the best pday ever!

Pics below are my companion after we tried shooting stuff off our heads with a bow and arrow
And me posing.
I need to take more pictures D:


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