July 10, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Nigbur

An Appointment a Day keeps the Boredom Away

This is going to be more of a ramble of how much i love the mission instead of funny stories and spiritual experiences this week.
Holy Moly Landshut is exploding with investigators! We went from 4 eternigators to to 6 more active investigators who aren't just keeping us because were pleasant company. I love them all so much I'm going to freaking EXPLODE! Seriously, when I came into the mission I just had a desire to help people and to do my best, but now that desire has grown into a need to help people. I need to help people more than I want to breathe. I find myself pacing the room back and forth thinking of ways I can help my investigators best and what we can do to improve our finding. Lately I can't even get up from my prayers because I'm so filled with love for these people that it pains me so much that I have to wait to even go out there and teach them. I just want to teach all day. I really don't like pdays too be honest because I just want to GO GO GO BUT I also got to make sure I don't kill my companion and that I'm being obedient to the white handbook. We need a day of rest for a reason :(
So this week we had so many appointments. We had one each day and they were all superb.
All of our appointments were nice, short, to the point, but still able to make us seem like real people instead of robots. It was so cool.
We had this one lesson with a beautiful man named Luis. Our first lesson with him was on the spot and he told us that he's been praying recently to find the truth and then he ran into us. So we taught him about the restoration and how were not a church that branched off the Catholic church like 90% of churches today. We're restored completely and he felt a good spirit from him and we set up another appointment.
This is where things get wild. Luis is a super deep thinker and with this lesson we went into super deep doctrine all the sudden because we felt it was right and I was talking about stuff like we weren't created ex nihilio and that God actually used existing matter to create the earth and that we were here before the earth and all that super deep stuff that the Catholic church threw away because of the creeds because it sounded too sciencey. And he felt it was true and he told us he feels like Jesus is our big brother and that were all connected somehow and we were like "hey fun fact..."
And then I got a tiny impression to ask him to be baptized. I was absolutely terrified because I didn't want him to think we were pushy salesman and never talk to us again, but I asked him anyways because we are asked to be BOLD AND COURAGEOUS! And I led into it and extended the invitation to be baptized on August the 4th. I didn't know if August 4th was a Saturday or not, it's just the date that popped in my head and guess what, it's a Saturday.
He paused for a second and told is he was thinking about being baptized for the past couple of days and he told us that he would think and pray about it for sure. So then I told him we could pray right now on the bench and we did. He said he felt the spirit super strong and knew it was right, and I was going to ask him again if he wanted to be baptized but then elder Nigbur said we'll call him later to see how he feels after he prays. The whole time the spirit was thicc as heck and I was starting to shake. He told us he can really see that we come out here because we love the people.
Nigbur later told me that the whole time I was talking to him he was looking around (this lesson was on a bench in the city square) and people were staring at us with genuine interest because they could tell something was going down in China town.
He still feels right about it and our next lesson with him were going to solidify it and teach him all the wonderful truths that God has in store for him.
So that was the highlight of the week. My second baptismal invitation in less than 2 weeks.
My first 12 weeks are also almost over which means I'm technically not a golden/greenie anymore. The biggest difference I feel between now and the beginning of my mission is more focused love and determination to preach the good word. Otherwise both my companions have just said "here's the phone, go plan the day for us and I'm making you take the lead in every lesson, discussion, awkward situation,and phone call" so I did. I honestly feel like I've just been the one training my trainers how to be happy and motivated for the day. I am thankful for them though because if I asked for help (which was a lot) they would show me how to make a text to a random person not look so awkward or how to correctly talk to someone. And every time I asked for advice on how to improve (which was also a lot) they would give out tips and I would improve.
It's been a cool experience to grow in these past weeks.
I also got to call my sisters from the MTC again for a 12 week graduation party! I miss my sister trio so much, they're all absolutely wonderful people and I can already see how theyre going to change this mission into something wonderful. They all looked so tired compared to last time and I just wanted to reach out and help motivate them, but i didnt want to be rude and interrupt the skype call too much. They were tired but happy though so it's ok. Sister Read, my MTC companion, said her area Luzern went from 0 to hero through their hard work. It made me happy to hear she's having a similar experience. The other two sisters are also working hard. I know Grundvig is a trooper and can push through things, and Mansell definitely has a flavorful personality that will help her out in Wien. They're all such good human beans and I'm glad I was in their district in the MTC.
Our other appointments we've had went very well. I've taken inspiration from my hero SISTER HUTCHINSON (who's not on her mission anymore, but God bless her) to be a lot more personal and not robot like in lessons. I've come to love the people 500% more by trying to be like her and I'm also a much more effective teacher. For those of you who don't know Hutch, she was an absolutely baller missionary where you could tell that she loved you and wanted the best for you. She was excellent at being a friend and being Christ like but still retaining her personality. She was absolutely amazingly Christ like.
This mission calls for your personality and you are sent here for a reason. I felt a good confirmation that my personality was needed in a lesson we had yesterday. It was the most relaxed talk I've ever had in my life. It was with this amazing woman named Julia and she said she was atheist but wanted to meet with us anyways and me and her were able to just talk like best friends. I was just being myself but I was still able to explain that I used to not believe in God too until I had the desire to believe in a god and it slowly went up from there. It was An amazing lesson and I made a new friend. My desire to show her that there is a god and that you can find so much more happiness through him is SKY HIGH!
I'm so excited for all the return appointments were going to have :)
I love seeing people come in with something but leave with more. I love all the cafe meetings and on the spot bench meetings and learning about all the people who live here so much. I just love everything so much and I feel INVINCIBLE! Haha! I love it :D
I rely on Christ 110% and he helps me through everything so well. I can't remember a time where I have felt stressed or scared. I know I've had those moments, but so right now I only remember the best :)
These past 12 weeks have been amazing and I think the best feeling is that I know I've done my best in those weeks. I've never had a lazy day or made a bad choice. I wouldn't change anything about these past weeks. I know that I'm here to change this mission into something wonderful and I'm DETERMINED to do ,y gosh darn best.
I'm absolutely in love with life here more than I ever have been before and I can't wait to have the Lord help me reach my highest potential. Literally every happy moment and experience has happened because of Christ. Every single thing I have to be grateful for is because of him. I'm so happy out here and it's only going up. I'm praying for a bigger heart so I can handle it all haha, I'm excited to see what the rest of my mission will bring :)
Oh yeah and for America day we ate American mac and cheese (thanks jamie)
And made burgers and I sang American songs while eating out of a tub of ice cream and crying. Just a normal 4th of America.
We recorded our reaction to the Luis lesson, so you can listen if you want, but it's in German and English so watch out.
I didnt take a single picture this week. Sorry!


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