July 3, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Nigbur

Patriots and Patridangits

We were wet, tired, and completely content and happy a few day ago because we just had an amazing on the spot lesson. We woke up to rain and we knew that that day was our only day to go out and do finding so we went out. Rain finding is brutal, there is no one outside to talk to and the people that are out are running somewhere else. So we decided to go near the river where the only people that would be walking there are the ones that enjoy walking in the rain. We talked to like 6 people in 3 hours. BUT! We were blessed with cool little miracles throughout those 3 hours. We met this one guy who said he didn't have time and then he ran away, and right after that we ran into one of our investigators named Alex. And the only way to meet Alex is to run into him on the street because he doesnt answer texts. So of all places he could have been at that time on a rainy wednesday, he was by an isolated bridge at the exact same time we were there. We were able to invite him to a party that our ward was having on the 30th because of that. It just fueled us up for another hour of finding.
After some more finding, Elder Nigbur wanted to go home, but we didn't reach our 3 hour finding goal for the day yet so I compromised and we went out another 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes we had someone come up to us and tell us that he had time to talk to us now. It turns out he was the guy who said "I have no time" like 2 hours ago. He told us he came back after his appointment because he could tell we were AMERICAN. He told us how he went to AMERICA one time and every single person there was just so nice and friendly to him that he wanted to pay any AMERICAN he could find back with the same kindness. So because of AMERICA this PATRIOT went back out into the rain for 10 minutes just to find the weird dudes in shirts and ties and repay them by giving us some of his time. What an absolute legend. We had a really good lesson and the whole time he was like "Wait, are you guys really not payed to do this work? What the heck? There's no way you can be this happy." And he was very very skeptical and cautious, but he took a book of Mormon so he could find out for his self if all of this is true. Lets hope we see him again. I'm so thankful that AMERICA saved my butt all the way out here in Bayern Germany.
After that we went home and had a lesson and I extended my first baptismal invitation, which our investigator said she would pray about. It was a strong lesson and we even gave her a priesthood blessing. She's been being taught for 10 years now by missionaries but she's never heard of a priesthood blessing, so I wonder what those missionaries have been teaching her. We're still waiting on an answer from her to know if baptism is right.
And then after that me and my companion played basketball in the rain and we went a little insane and began to talk like kermit the frog claiming the court as our swamp and whoever made the most baskets was the owner of the swamp.
It ended up being a very good de-stresser and motivator because I started shouting motivational speeches as we tried to make 3 point shots and at the very end I got on my knees and said "MIRACLES START ON YOUR KNEES" And I took the shot and I made a nice 3 pointer. Good time.
We had a ward party on the 30th and we invited 15 people to come, but only 1 came. It kind of hurt to be so unprofitable with all the people we invited, but its ok because agency is wonderful. We got to know the youth better and we even made a deal with them where they would be allowed to do an ice bucket challenge on us if they bring a friend to church whos interested. I hope they take it seriously. It was a very good party though
Let the spirit take over
So we had a very very cool experience. We stopped a guy on the street and we went over to a bench and talked. It started to turn into a bible bash between Nigbur and him. The air was hot and frustrated and Nigbur was about to get up and leave when suddenly the phone rang. I gave the phone to Nigbur and took over the lesson. The guy asked a prodding question that would have led to more bashing, but I ignored it and bore my testimony of Jesus Christ and that this faith has helped me create a stronger family and the entire air just went whoosh. You could actually feel a change in the air as everything just suddenly calmed down. The guy started asking genuine questions and things were happy and peaceful. Complete 180. We ended up giving the guy our number and we're going to text him again today.
When Nigbur talked to me afterwards he was like "What the heck? I left for a few seconds and came back and you guys were talking like you were good friends"
It was a really neato experience and a good testimony builder of the power of the spirit.
Germany lost in the world cup
We made a mistake and went finding right before germany started playing in the world cup. We went out for a 10 minute break from walking and when we came back, our entire street was empty. And it was silent. Not even a car was heard driving, it almost seemd as if the earth itself was holding its breath. I felt like I couldnt hear any birds chirping or even the wind blowing. It was just silent. And the weirdest thing was that there were hundreds of people all packed into the cafes that had a T.V.
We decided to go home because walking up and being like "SERVUS" Probably would have gotten us stabbed.
Later that day we found out Germany lost and was out. Our bishop was depressed in church and related his talk to Germany losing. There was just an air of sadness. All the german flags on cars were taken off, there was no love for the nation.
But it makes it easier to find people at least because we dont have to worry about games taking people off the street!... I guess...
Everyone in my district is American. For those that don't know, a district is just an assigned group of missionaries that work together. So we got Landshut missionaries and Passau Missionaries. I had to give a lesson on german prepositions that day and for the most part, those kind of lessons are extremely boring and last liek 5 minutes. I wasn't going to let that settle, I wanted to have an exciting district meeting. So for my lesson I climbed up on the table and asked one of our district members "WHERE AM I STANDING PATRIOT?" And that allowed me to explain that a preposition describes where an object is. And then I talked about how if we want to take down that communist Satan, then we need to master the language so we can communicate EFFECTIVELY. And things went very well and my 5 minute german lesson went on for 22 minutes without a problem. At the end of my lesson I drew A BEAUTIFUL FLAG FULL OF RED WHITE AND BLUE! 13 GORGEOUS STRIPES SIGNIFYING OUR 13 FOUNDING FATHERS AND I INFORMED OUR PATRIOT ELDERS THAT WE MUST ALWAYS BE THANKFUL FOR FOUNDING FATHERS. And then we pledged allegiance.
This was the first district meeting where Elder Nigbur didn't feel drained so I think it went well.
So thats been my week! Very very busy and full of miracles and fun stuff, I prettys much wrote everything that was in my journal for that week. (I actually remembered it)
Things definitely are exploding in Landshut, we are getting so many people coming up to us that are interested in the gospel, I love it!
We're still naming the spiders in our basement after important people and we still refer to the basketball court as our swamp and we still TRY OUR ABSOLUTE BEST EVERY SINGLE DAY TO LET PEOPLE KNOW OF THE RESTORED AND TRUE GOSPEL ON THE EARTH:
I used a lot of caps today, I'm sorry, I'm just very excited.
Missionary work is cool. :)
Pictures below are me pledging allegiance,
Me during rain finding being all cute and missionary like ;)
Me and Elton, the only guy who came to the party. Wearing my glasses.
And my pizza box empire that me and other elders have been collecting for a few transfers.


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