June 26, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Nigbur

The Start of Miracles!

Woohoo WEEE What a week!
To start off, I'm sorry to say, but our washer went kaputt again, but one of our members found out and is now washing our clothes for us. (Absolutely legendary members) also, another member couple stopped by and gave us so much food that we actually couldn't fit it in our fridge (again, more legendary members) and then we also had a couple of MIRACLES happen!
This story starts 3 weeks ago when I got a Spanish book of Mormon from a Munich Austellung. I was absolutely determined to give it away so every single day without fail I put it in my backpack when we went out to go finding. I would be so excited because every day I would say "this is the day we meet a Spanish man in germany!" And I did that for 3 weeks straight. Well, last week we found someone named Daniel. Daniel was on vacation here for a month and he was also from FLIPPING VENEZUELA! What the heck is a Venezuelan bambino doing in Germany? So we get to know him and he's losing interest In us until I ask him if he speaks Spanish and I tell him, "I don't know why, but I've been carrying this book with me for a while. It's in Spanish, will you read it?" And then we get a little talk about Faith and God and he gets more interested about the book of Mormon and asks us "Where is your church? I would like to come." And then we hand him a card that had our address on it to him and he says thanks and sticks it in the book of Mormon. But that's not all! He stuck the card in 3rd Nephi chapter 11 in the book of Mormon. 3RD NEPHI 11.
That's where Christ comes to the Americas and it's one of the most powerful scriptures in the BOM.
I was trying so hard not to SCREAM I was so excited and my companion had that look on his face too that said "AAAAAAAHHHHHH" so then we had to take a break because we were freaking out so much.
The man never came to church, but he still has a BOM so we'll see what happens in the future.
We also got 2 new Investigators this week which is insane! We havent had a new investigator in a month!
One of our new investigators was an on the spot lesson where we just got to know him and we found out that he used to believe in science and philosophy but he wasnt happy until he started talking about God more, and then he started believing in God. So we told him alma 32:27, and I tried to describe that science and God actually go together perfectly, but I didn't want to go to deep and talk about how it wasnt until the creeds and man made philosophies that science was seen as anti-religion. He really liked talking to us and he told us hes been praying recently to find the way and truth and we're going to meet with him again soon. I'm really excited :)
So meeting that guy and handing out a spanish Book of Mormon in the middle of Bayern Germany and also getting 2 new people to teach the gospel to has been our little week of miracles.
But now its story time!
I forgot my journal again so once again, its very hard to remember things, but I'll give it a go.
Theres a huge spider down in our basement and we see him whenever we go out to get our bikes. We named him Thomas and now hes our little pet. We also have another spider right next to our elevator that we named Russel. I love our spiders. We also found out recently that Thomas is a woman which kind of made us freak out a bit. I wont tell y'all how we found out, but it was definitely an interesting day.
Me and my companion have been going a little crazy recently. So one way we stop people on the street is we ask them if they can help us, and around 80% of them say no and walk away. Honestly the only way you can stay sane on a mission where every day 80% of the people dont even listen to your request for help is to go a little crazy. We've been talking like Kermit the frog to each other constantly and its sort of become our language for each other. It really isnt easy being green. But sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Our elevator broke after we found out our wash machine broke again. 6 flights of stairs. woo.
(its fixed again now, dont worry)
Shopping Spree
My companion got 300 dollars of birthday money and so we went out to buy lederhosen and now we are REAL GERMANS. He also bought a ukelele and I bought myself a Venova...
Musical Missionaries
So we got two instruments now and he has a ukelele and I have this weird thing called a Venova. Its pretty much a soprano saxophone put on top of a recorder. It is absolutely awful and I love it so much. We're planning on becoming the missions best musicians and Im excited to play classical pieces like "Mary had a Little Lamb" and " Somewhere over the Rainbow"
And I'm sure a lot of other stuff has happened, but I have no idea right now.
All I know is that I am happy and content because I got my little musical instrument and also the God of the Universe and millions of prayers supporting me and my companion. The latter makes me a bit more happy than my instrument. I seriously love it out here. I absolutely love the people here and I'm doing my best to open my mouth and declare the gospel to all willing to hear. Good things are happening and I feel like theyre going to get only better.
Have a nice time out there!
Pictures below are Elder Nigbur posing for Landshut
Me with some snazzy glasses
My companion studying diligently
And lederhosen


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