June 19, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Nigbur

The Battle of the Laundromat

The cry of two smelly elders could be heard from miles away.
"Why does this keep happening?" One elder said to the other.
Me an my companion Elder Nigbur have not had a wash machine for 2 weeks. It all started when I put in my clothes one day and we heard a loud POP! All the power in the bathroom turned off and the washer locked all my sports clothes inside. I went over to the breaker to flip the power back on and I try turning the washer on again, but as soon as I do I hear another POP!
I'll deal with it later was my first reaction.
And then a week passes by.
I really need some sports clothes, plus my church clothes are getting dirty and I start messing around with the washer again trying to figure things out. My companion has no idea how washers work either. We try many things like plugging it in to the kitchen instead of the bathroom and trying to open the lock on the washer before it pops the breaker but nothing is working.
We ultimately decide to start washing clothes by hand and to just let my clothes soak in misery in the wash machine.
Another week goes by and we're very tired of washing clothes by hand all night so we decide to finally figure out once and for all what is happening to our stubborn wash machine. After an hour of trying things, we finally find a little nob at the bottom of the washer and we unscrew it and some putrid smelling liquid comes out and we let it run for a while until it ran no more. And just like that, once all the liquid was out, we flipped the power on again and turned the washer and IT STARTED WASHING! But we did not trust that devil of thing so we hurried and took my stinky, wet, 2 week old sport clothes out of the spawn of satan before it broke the power again. So now we got absolutely horrid smelling liquid coming from the wash machine and nauseating clothes sitting in our living room area. The only other room we have is a kitchen, but our kitchen has a heater that doesnt turn off because its also possessed by some demon who wants to give us misery (or maybe were just too dumb to figure out how to turn it off) so walking in there is like flying into the sun. So we\re stuck between putrid smells and a furnace.
It was a fun night.
Eventually we got the washer to rinse itself without exploding. I then took a giant leap of faith and put my disgusting sports clothes in there again and I went back to sit on the couch. My heart was beating up to an amazingly fast 'slightly above average' heartrate and I was so hecking nervous. Me and my comp were talking about investigators when we heard a loud POP!
There was lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth that day.
We werent going to give up though, we found out that we only needed to turn the power on again and it resumed its wash and finished my clothes.
That day was one rollercoaster of emotions. Absolute misery to absolute thankfulness that my clothes were finally washed.
So the gospel lesson we learned from this is dont take things for granted.
Otherwise this week has been very very spiritual for me. Ive learned a lot about being a more organized missionary and being more effective in general. I feel more and more like myself every day and i love it. I don't have my journal with me so I cant write any stories, but I'll describe how I feel every day on this wonderful mission.
I feel absolutely amazing every. single. day.
I am absolutely in love with all the people here. They are so wonderful even though 90% of them arent even willing to help you if you ask for help. Every night I go to bed and I just think of how thankful I am to be on this mission and having this opportunity to go and talk to real people and actively see the change in their lives as they come closer to Christ. I wake up in the morning and my whole heart and soul and mind is just screaming "I LOVE IT HERE" and my motivation is stronger than any force I've felt before. I honestly have a hard time describing it. All throughout the day I'm thinking of new ways to help out our investigators become happier and I just get so excited that I cant wait until our next appointment. Its such a good feeling. I feel like I'm on an amazing adventure traveling the world meeting people and making a difference. Because I am on that kind of adventure. Its also hard as heck but that doesnt matter because IM CHANGING THE WORLD IN A POSITIVE WAY!
I just feel amazing and happy and content. Theres no other way to put it. Im having the best two months of my life right now.
I'll try and ponder how I can write these feelings down next week and Ill also have more entertaining stories because I wont forget my journal. I swear!
Photos below are Landshut, me accidentally matching with the mission president at zone conference and sister Grundvig! She was in the MTC with me and she is absolutely baller. Super good


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